Seoul Adventure: U-Kiss, Electroboyz and Bigstar at Some Charity Event in Namsan (2013)

Yeap, while I was roaming around Namsan on 12 october 2013, I heard some music and needless to say, I followed my ears towards the source of the sound. Turns out that it was some charity event going on and U-Kiss was to make an appearance and Electroboyz and Bigstar are amongst the performers. My Korean vocabulary is still pretty limited so I’m not really sure what kind of charity event is it exactly.


Regardless, wahey! Jackpot!! Live performances!! Hehehe. So of coz, I blended into the fan girl crowd to watch the performances.

Honestly, I have no idea who those people are really I’ve only ever heard of the group U-Kiss only because my friend is a huge fan of them. LOL. To be honest, when all 3 groups of guys stood together, I had absolutely no idea who is from which group. LOL.

Fortunately for me, they introduced themselves before they performed so at least when they were singing and dancing, I knew who was on stage. Hahaha.


I must say that I’m really impressed with Bigstar. Coz it was a charity event, it wasn’t top end audio equipment and stuff of coz. So while Bigstar was performing, their backing tracked stopped TWICE.

First time around, they managed to restart the song quickly so they just restarted their choreography. Second time, they were actually halfway through the song when the music stopped again, the boys just laughed it off and continued singing and dancing A CAPELLA.

It was their attitude and they way they just laughed off the whole glitch and gamely carried on which really impressed me. And when the song started from the top again abruptly, it just took them about 2 beats to get back into formation to start from the beginning again.

That is real showmanship people. And given how Bigstar is just a rookie/nugu group (as I was told) they handled the situation really well. I’ve seen experienced people get flustered/embarrassed and even annoyed by technical glitches but Bigstar recovered really well. I found myself enjoying their performance and even laughing along with them through the glitches.

Baram Bigstar
Baram Bigstar

After asking around, I found out that Baram was the dude who’s attitude impressed me the most. It was his infectious grin and goofing around which caught my eye to be honest. These boys do have some potential and are worth looking out for.

Anyway, I had my DSLR with me then so throughout the event, I just snapped photos regardless of who is on stage and you guys just enjoy yourselves with the photo ok? I’m not even going to try to label them coz I really have no idea who is who. You can comment on the photos to help label them or something if you like.

So here are the photos. Enjoy! 🙂

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