Super Show 5 in Macau Post Mortem

So I went for my 4th Super Show 5 over the weekend in Macau. 😀 Yes I have been to 4 Super Show 5s in 3 countries (2 x Seoul, 1 x Singapore, 1 x Macau). Yes I am crazy.

Super Show 5 Macau

Well, if you went and/or read about what happened in Super Show 5 Singapore, it was really quite an unsatisfying concert because of what happened. So while the initial talk amongst a few of us was to go to Seoul to watch the Super Show 5 Seoul encore concert, I ended up going for Super Show 5 in Macau. Hahaha.

Once again, contrary to the popular belief of me going to Macau because of Super Show 5, I actually went to Macau because I wanted to buy stuff in Zhuhai and eat stuff in Hong Kong. LOL. In fact, the original plan was to go to Taipei but as fate would have it, all signs and circumstances led me to Macau so everyone was like, “Since you are there, might as well just watch Super Show 5 again.” LOL.

Best. Decision. Ever.

By the way, I didn’t realise that Super Show 5 Macau would be the last Super Show 5 of 2013. Then it struck me that I have been to both the first and last Super Show 5s of 2013. So hardcore. LOL.

Back to the main point, watching Super Show 5 Macau was the best decision ever because of this:

Super Show 5 Macau

LOL!! It was usually Kangin dressed up as “Han Ga In” but when the light turned on, I flipped out. IT WAS BLOODY KIM HEECHUL AS HAN GA IN!!!! It was such a surprise (as it was the first time ever they made this switch) even though I had watch the cross dressing stage 3 times before in person and countless of times on fancams. So epic!

Super Show 5 Macau

Another highlight was how I finally got go hear Henry do “Trap” live; but in Chinese. LOL. Nothing wrong with it except that when he started singing, I realised that I only knew how to singalong to the Korean lyrics. OTL.

Super Show 5 Macau

Also, there were quite a few times when the sound blew out during Super Show 5 Macau. First time, it was towards the end of Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi and Sungmin’s performance of “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”. I actually was in the toilet when this happened. I heard the music stop but I didn’t realise that it was a technical issue. The boys then continued singing A CAPELLA. Fancam here.

The second time the sound blew, it was in the middle of Super Junior M’s performance of “Break Down”. The way the sound blew during this performance was quite epic. LOL. It was actually in sync with the pyrotechnics. LOL. During one of the chorus, it was like, “武装的心脏为你 break down….. *pyrotechnic goes BOOM!!*…. *silence*” Major awkward.

The boys went off stage for a couple of minutes and then they came back on a few minutes later to try to ease off the awkwardness while the crew sort out the problem. They even led the audience to sing the Chinese version of “太完美 (Perfection)” and Eunhyuk danced along to the mass singalong session.

Fortunately, the issue was quickly resolved and then the launched right into “A-Oh” and things went on smoothly for the rest of the night.

Here’s the setlist for Super Show 5 in Macau. I’ll indicate the differences between the Singapore and Macau shows.

  1. Intro VCR <<< video changed to include Heechul
  2. Mr Simple
  3. Bonamana
  4. Super Girl (Korean version; Super Junior + Henry + Zhoumi. All 11 of them)
  5. Greeting
  6. VCR: SJI
  7. It’s You (NoeRaGo)
  8. VCR
  9. Sexy, Free and Single
  10. Boom Boom
  11. Club No 1
  12. VCR
  13. So Cold (EunSiHae + Henry)
  14. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? (Kyuhyun + Sungmin, + Ryeowook + Zhoumi)
  15. Trap (Henry + Kyuhyun)
  16. Harlem Shake dance performance (Shindong + Eunhyuk + Donghae)
  17. Alone (Siwon + HEECHUL + Ryeowook + Sungmin)
  18. VCR (Zhoumi + Sungmin + Henry + Ryeowook)
  19. Break Down (Chinese version; SJM)
  20. A-Oh (Chinese version; SJM)
  21. Go! (Chinese version; SJM)
  22. Shake It Up
  23. Rockstar
  24. Gray/Carbon Paper (Kyuhyun + Ryeowook + Yesung on the screen)
  25. VCR (Donghae + Kyuhyun)
  26. Daydream
  27. Medley: Bittersweet/Someday/Memories
  28. VCR: Super Heroes <<< Video changed to include Heechul!!
  29. Wonder Boy <<< SJ + Henry + Zhoumi cosplay here.
  30. VCR: dance tutorial.
  31. Sunny
  32. Ment
  33. Marry U
  34. ENCORE: Sorry, Sorry
  35. ENCORE: Show Me Your Love (SJ + Henry + Zhoumi)
  36. ENCORE: Sapphire Blue
  37. Thank you speeches
  38. ENCORE: So I
  39. VCR: bloopers and behind the scenes

That said, I must add that I actually like the Cotai Arena as a venue. While it was a little cramped outside before the show, the inside was really great and spacious!!

Super Show 5 Macau
Massive queue outside the Cotai Arena
Super Show 5 Macau
Past bag checks and ticket entry

There was actually a McDonalds in there!! If I had known that there was McDonalds in there, I wouldn’t have walked halfway across the Venetian Shoppes to have a quick bite at McDonalds before the concert!!

I also like how they have escalators inside the venue to get between levels. The toilets were also large and plentiful within. There was about 10 or so cubicles inside the Ladies and there are a few toilets on each level… and not like that pathetic few toilet cubicles within the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Overall, I thought the logistics of Cotai Arena in terms of crowd control was pretty awesome despite how the location is WITHIN the Venetian Shoppes/convention hall area. So even if you were not attending the concert, the place is crowded as hell but you could still walk through the whole place pretty easily.

And here are my photos which turned out pretty decent from Super Show 5 Macau. Enjoy! 🙂

And here’s my fancam of the FULL first ment of Super Show 5 Macau. Camera battery died on me two-thirds into the show so no more fancams of the ments at the back. Oh well.

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