Royal Pirates Hangout with Singapore 2014 Post Mortem

Royal Pirates [pic © Universal Music Singapore Regional]
Royal Pirates [pic © Universal Music Singapore Regional Facebook page]
Earlier today (20 November 2014), Royal Pirates did a Google Hangout session with a select group of media and fans at the Universal Music Group Singapore office.

I am a fan of Royal Pirates so needless to say, I managed to make my way into the hang out session. ^^ There was absolutely no regrets as the hang out session was absolutely fun!! I have not enjoyed myself so much talking to a band/group for ages.

Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014
Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014

The session started out a little awkwardly as the experience was pretty new for most of the people in the room at the Singapore side but once everyone got the hang of it, it was just non-stop laughing and yakking all the way and one hour flew by too quickly.

I am not kidding when I say this: this session with Royal Pirates is one of the most relaxed and fun artist I’ve had the chance to talk to. It’s really such a shame that we couldn’t do the interview in person (as was the original plan). Oh well.

Royal Pirates are every bit as hilarious as I know and expected them to be.

When asked about who would they switch roles with in the band, James was really honest, “If we were to switch roles based on our current abilities, we wouldn’t be successful at all.” XD

And when the question was modified to who they’d switch bodies with, without skipping a beat, James blurted that he’d quit the band. Hahaha. Too honest James.

Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014
Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014

I got to ask Royal Pirates “What other instruments do you guys play besides whatever you are already playing in the band?”

James: “I used to play the trumpet. I play guitar, bass and a little bit of drums but Sooyoon always laughs at me.”
Moon: “Guitar, drums and a little bit of keyboard.”
Sooyoon: “Tambourine *everyone laughs* drums, guitar. I used to play the piano but I have forgotten everything now.”

Moon then went on to tell us about how Sooyoon and him used to be in a marching band when they were in school but they didn’t want to march so they joined the percussion section so they could always in the pits. Moon then went on to describe his passion for playing the triangle and how good he was at playing it, complete with re-enactments!! LMAO!!

I also asked if they named their instruments. This is something I’m always curious about because I know many musicians treat their instruments like their lover/spouse and I wanted to know if Royal Pirates did stuff like that as well. Interestingly, the answer was “no”; despite all their crazy and randomness, they don’t name their instruments.

Sooyoon then asked for suggestions from us in Singapore on what he should name his drums. A fangirl shouted her name “Sakina(?)” after some prodding from us in the media row and the boys like the name. Then James was like, “You know that Sooyoon hits the drums all the time and he hits really hard…” and demonstrated how violently Sooyoon would be hitting. LOL!! Good point James. XD After some thought of what to name their instruments, Moon settled on calling his guitar “Wonbin”. LOL!!!!!

Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014
Royal Pirates @ UMGSG Hangout, Singapore 2014

It was also really funny when the only male in the room at Singapore’s side asked Royal Pirates (couldn’t catch your name sorry), “What would you do if you were a girl for a day?”

James: “Why would the only guy in the room want to know this?!?!”
Yoon: “I’d go to a public sauna”
Moon: “I’d get my nails done”
James: “I’d watch Oprah or some chick flick like….” *thinks really hard*
Me: “Twilight?”
James: “Something more girly than that”
Moon: “Barbie?”


I also like Royal Pirates’ response to a the fan question about naming a food that represents the other members.

Moon: “James would be soba.”
James: “Moon would be anything that is high cholesterol.”
Sooyoon: “James would be a taco  or a can of Pringles.”
James: *to Sooyoon* “You can be a french fry! Just one fry.”
Moon: “Sooyoon would be some kind of cracker because it is square and angular…”
James: “Moon would be like a Big Mac!”

I cannot with these guys. Hahahaha. Absolutely hysterical.

Check out a short clip of Royal Pirates from the Google Hangout session:

Also, the things I am willing to do for the groups that I love.

If you guys would fill up the survey form below, I’d be beyond happy to take the information to bang on the door on some of the events company that I know to convince them to bring Royal Pirates back to Singapore for a showcase/fanmeet/something! (Please do not submit multiple responses.)

I must emphasize that I am not guaranteeing for anything to happen but I am definitely going to try. 🙂

Finally, big thanks to Universal Music Group Singapore Regional for organising this and thank you once again for the signed Royal Pirates postcards!!

Royal Pirates autographed postcard
Royal Pirates autographed postcard

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