BABYMETAL Live in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem


I wasn’t planning on posting about BABYMETAL’s concert in Singapore because firstly, it isn’t a genre that’s particularly my type of music and it was also a last minute invitation to the concert and I wasn’t exactly prepared to make notes etc. And I’m still in the holiday mood you see. Hehe.

However, after I watched the concert, I was like “WOW. That was one of the strangest concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life.” Come to think of it, I actually walked out of the concert venue feeling a little disturbed (partly because the girls are so young). If you think Lady Gaga is weird, you should go watch a BABYMETAL performance.

Firstly, BABYMETAL is a band/group as the name hints, a metal rock band/group. However, it’s fronted by 3 kids. I’m not even joking. The 3 girls are only 14 and 15 years old and they sound like kids, like in those anime shows. They are dressed like they came out from an anime anyway. Yet they were dancing in synchronised moves to metal rock music. Does it even make any sense to you?

To further illustrate the point, BABYMETAL is kinda like a Metallica/Kiss/Slipknot fronted by Powerpuff Girls who has dance moves like Girls’ Generation/SNSD. Just try to imagine that. LOL.

While it is a completely bizarre combination, it kinda fits together and works somehow. I don’t know how or how further to explain it but it just works.

Here’s the music video of one of the songs they performed yesterday so you can see it for yourselves:

Also, throughout the concert, the cheers and sing-alongs from the fanboy crowd just made my concert experience even more bizarre. LOL. I’m used to hordes of screaming/shrieking fangirls but not a horde of light sticks waving and jumping fanboys who were kinda screaming as well.

It was just weird. And my friend which I bumped into at the concert was like, “it’s a culture shock right? Welcome to the work of jrock.”

Ok then…

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