My List of Best and Worst of 2013

As with 2012, I’ve also decided to do a list of best and worst of 2013.

Just for the record, this list of “Best and Worst” is by no means scientific but it’s purely from my own biased experience and what left such an impression in my head for the 2013 year.

BEST MUSICAL DISCOVERY OF 2013: Run & Run (일단달려) & Standing Alone (홀로서기) by BIGSTAR (빅스타) / Brave Family

I love “Run & Run” because it is ridiculously catchy and fun! I actually only learnt of the existence of BIGSTAR when I was in Seoul in October 2013 and I have only heard them perform the song once but it has been stuck in my head ever since! It’s been almost 3 months and I still cannot get this song out of my head!

“Standing Alone” is the follow up single to “Run & Run” and I think the song is really nice as well. Did you know that the entire music video was filmed exclusively using a Canon DSLR? (I saw it from the Behind The Scene video.)

BIGSTAR are definitely talented and it is such a shame that they are so underrated. Here’s hoping that they get more recognition that they deserve in 2014.

WORST MUSICAL DISCOVERY OF 2013: The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) by Ylvis


While I can understand the viral factor of the song, it is without a doubt the most retarded and annoying song of 2013. Period. Not even sorry for calling the song retarded because it is what it is.

Nothing against the guys of Ylvis but I really cannot stand the song.

BEST CONCERT OF 2013: Aerosmith at the Singapore Social Concerts (Starcount) & MTV World Stage Malaysia (MTV Asia)

Aerosmith live at the Singapore Social Concerts was my most AMAZING live music experience for 2013 (despite them being past their prime as some would say). So what if Aerosmith are in their 60s? Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are still freaking badass and can still kick ass.

Aerosmith was definitely from an era before my time but they totally blew me away with their flavour of glamrock and I can totally understand why they have been called the greatest rock band in American history. Absolutely AMAZING!! And I’ll be glad to do it all over again if I could. No questions asked.

The MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 is also one fantastic concert in terms of logistics. The order in the queueing system and crowd order was great! And for a music festival-ish type concert format, the concert overran by about an hour or so; which is extremely remarkable. If you guys actually remembered/attended SingFest, they overran by at least 3 hours per day. I’ll never forget nearly dying at Fort Canning from exhaustion attending multiple days of SingFest over the years.

In fact, the guys at MTV Asia were nominated for Best World Stage at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards for all their hard work to produce the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia concert; which proves my point about what an awesome production it is.

Other notable mentions in the great concerts of 2013 that I’ve attended includes CN Blue’s Blue Moon in Singapore, Social Concerts with Blush, Carly Rae Jepson, Psy and Ceelo Green, Super Show 5 in Seoul and B.A.P.’s Live On Earth in Singapore.

WORST CONCERT OF 2013: Super Show 5 Singapore (Running Into The Sun)

If you guys have followed my blog/twitter long enough, you guys will know that I love Super Junior to death. Even if it pains me, I still have to say it, Super Show 5 Singapore is worst concert I’ve attended in 2013.

The concert experience was such a disaster from the announcement all the way till a few weeks after the concert ended. That was how much bad taste it left in my mouth.

Super Show 5 Singapore was touted to be 2 nights but when the concert details was officially announced, only one date was announced much to the disappointment of many fans. It also didn’t help that the Super Junior boys themselves lamented during the concert about how we don’t love them anymore because Singapore always have had 2 nights but this year, there was only one night.

Also, with every SM Entertainment concert, there was supposed to be a booth for SM Passport holders to get a stamp in their passport but that didn’t happen as well, for whatsoever reason. It only reinforces the thought in many Singaporean fans’ mind that Singapore is always gets short-changed for all concerts.

During the concert, it was clear that most of the Super Junior boys (including Zhoumi and Henry) were not very happy at all. And when Eunhyuk came back on stage to make that speech after the house lights came on after the concert totally broke my heart and completely left me annoyed and upset for the next few weeks.

First time in my life I’ve attended such a depressing and disappointing concert.

BEST CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER: Jeremy Piven and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Hands down. A peck on the cheek from Steven Tyler and a retweet from Jeremy Piven. What more could I ask for?

A notable mention goes to Aaron Buckingham as well. 🙂

WORST CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren and SHINee’s Minho

I didn’t blog about this but I actually saw Jessica Alba and Cash Warren after I met Jeremy Piven and Steven Tyler.

We asked Jessica Alba for an autograph and she was reaching over to take the pen when the horde of security folks surrounding her stopped her. It was like, why even? She was cool with it and we weren’t screaming or anything like that.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see Cash Warren with Jessica Alba until she walked away and then we were like, “Isn’t that guy Cash Warren?!!?!” Shame, it was too late to try to ask him for an autograph or something as they’ve walked too far away. We didn’t want to run after them or something. Oh well.

The SHINee’s Minho encounter was a bit of a drama in itself. No hard feelings to Minho but the way I see it, as an entertainer/celebrity, dealing with fans (no matter how crazy they are) is part of a lifestyle that you chose. I understand the sasaeng fans problem in Korea but to treat all fans like a potential sasaeng fan is just lame. A celebrity/entertainer needs fans to survive so if you cannot give the fan the benefit of doubt that they are sane and appreciate their presence/graciously reject a fan request, then it’s just being arrogant; whether it is intentional or not.



You know, I didn’t realise that I had so many great moments in 2013 till I made this post. I mean I know that I’ve had quite a number of interesting/fun/exciting experiences in 2013 but I didn’t realise that it was so many. I actually thought that some of the things that I have mentioned above happened in 2012. Haha. I am terrible with date and time like that.

Looking back, 2013 has indeed been really awesome and now it is time to look ahead. Here’s hoping for an even more exciting 2014!

Once again, I thank you guys for reading and coming back. It might seem cheesy but it is what it is: I wouldn’t have had that much fun if you guys weren’t here for the ride. 🙂

Happy 2014 and may we all get our wishes granted this year! o/

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