Michael Learns To Rock Live in Singapore 2014 Post Mortem


So I went to the Michael Learns To Rock concert at the Expo Max Pavilion yesterday. It’s been about 10 years or more since the last time I saw Michael Learns To Rock perform in Singapore.

No doubt that it’s one of those guilty pleasures concert. 😀 I do not deny that Michael Learns To Rock songs are kinda cheesy but it is so fun to hear it live and sing-along to it!! If you have ever sang karaoke, you DEFINITELY know at least 1 Michael Learns To Rock song. Hence, needless to say, the concert was kinda like one major karaoke sing-along session.


When the lights went out at 8.00 pm, Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kåre Wanscher took to the stage and started the sing-along session with “Sleeping Child”.

Here’s the setlist for the concert:

  1. Sleeping Child
  2. Breaking My Heart
  3. Love Will Never Lie
  4. It’s Gonna Make Sense
  5. Romantic Balcony
  6. Nothing To Lose
  7. Watch Your Back
  8. I’m Gonna Be Around (Acoustic)
  9. Out of the Blue
  10. Blue Night
  11. Anyway You Want It
  12. Complicated Heart
  13. It’s Only Love
  14. You Took My Heart Away
  15. The Actor
  16. Take Me To Your Heart
  17. Wild Women
  18. 25 Minutes
  19. Someday
  20. ENCORE: Paint My Love
  21. ENCORE: That’s Why You Go Away

I must say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ACOUSTIC VERSION OF “I’M GONNA BE AROUND”. That is one of my all-time favourite MLTR songs and to hear it acoustic was so amazing!! I’m such a sucker for acoustic versions.


Mikkel kept going off stage and walking here and there into the audience a couple of times through the entire approximately 1 hour 50 minutes concert (including encore). And when he walked near my section, I managed to get a closer look at him again and damn he is still as hot and handsome as he was 10 years ago. He actually looks exactly alike! In fact, none of the guys from MLTR has aged much since the last time I got to see them up-close.

OH! There’s one particular incident during the concert that i must talk about: this couple sitting in front of me who was actually googling the lyrics of most of the MLTR songs throughout the concert. Hahahahahaha.


I don’t know if they searched for all the songs but I only noticed it towards the end of the concert.

It’s totally funny because I have never seen people finding lyrics for a song during a concert (till now). Most people come with the lyrics already memorised because they are fans or they just bop along to the music if they don’t know the words to the song.

And while I keep saying that a MLTR concert is basically a sing-along/karaoke session, I meant it as MLTR songs are so easy to sing and they are also a perennial favourite artist during karaoke. I certainly didn’t think that people would actually be so hardcore to sing-along during a concert by searching for lyrics online.



Anyway, all in all, I definitely had an enjoyable time at the Michael Learns To Rock concert. I hope I don’t have to watch for 10 years to watch another Michael Learns To Rock concert again. (The last time I had to wait 8 years.) Hint hint hint. 😀

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