Psy at the Singapore Social Concerts 2013 Post Mortem

Psy was no doubt who most of the crowd was waiting for the night. I kid you not. After Psy performed, a lot of people left; like maybe a quarter/one-third. I am serious.

Psy at the Singapore Social Concerts

Psy was supposed to do 5 songs (as we’re told by the organisers) but I’m not sure why he only did 4 songs in the end. Probably because they were running late and they cut short his set?

Psy’s set list:

  • Champion
  • It’s Art (예술이야)
  • Gentleman
  • Gangnam Style

Anyway, I definitely had a lot of fun during Psy’s performance. It was so high energy and everyone around me was just high and jumping through “Champion”, “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style”. And just so you know, “It’s an Art” is an upbeat song but it is not a dance track which you’d jump that much along to.

I love how everyone around me was trying to sing along to whatever words they knew from all the Korean lyrics. It was hysterical in the sense that there was this caucasian dude beside me and he was definitely way more high than I was during Psy’s set.

And like Psy said, it is amazing how people were having fun dancing and jumping along to the music even though they couldn’t understand Korean. And that’s the beauty of music and how it can (and should) transcend all language barriers.

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Psy is definitely worth watching live at least once in your live. He has an amazing stage energy and most of his songs are catchy as hell so it is not hard to have fun even though you have absolutely no idea what his lyrics are going on about.

Anyway, due to the massive amount of jostling and jumping in the crowd, I don’t have many photos which turned out good for Psy. Here’s what I have. Enjoy!

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