Being Phoneless

So my iPhone 5S just decided to fail on me earlier today around noon. For no particular reason that I am aware of, it just suddenly decided to lose connectivity to the carrier or that the reception was lousy where I was at.

Moon © LINE App
Moon © LINE App

Fine. So I thought that once I got back to the office, the connectivity would return. I decided to stay strong and make it through lunch without being able to check my Twitter timeline, Facebook notifications, LINE and KakaoTalk messages.

When I got back to the office, CRAP. There was still no connectivity. And that was when the panic started to set in.

Moon © LINE
Moon © LINE App Sticker

Interestingly, I was well connected in the office; I have full access to the Internet on my office computer and a desk phone which I could use to call whoever I want/need. I had wifi in the office so technically, I could still access all of my messenger apps on my phone and I had my iPad Mini with me to access the 4G network but still, it made me edgy to know that my mobile phone line wasn’t working. 

It has always been said that we’re too dependent on our phones but the only thing which broke on my phone was the access to a phone line for people to call and send smses. With wifi, I could still use my phone as normal and with access to the Internet via my iPad and a computer which I could use to do what I needed. In fact, besides telemarketers, hardly anyone calls me on the mobile during office hours so what’s with the panicking right?

It is so interesting what has become of us as humans and our relationship with our mobile phones within the last few years.

Anyway, it still is a relatively depressing day… I was told that I might have my handset replaced and there goes my screen protector and all my wallpaper and settings etc. 🙁 Urgh…

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