My iPhone Drama

So I was moaning about how my iPhone 5S failed be the day before and how I didn’t have a phone. The inconvenience was definitely felt.

I couldn’t complete any online purchases because my mobile phone wasn’t connected to the cellular network. I couldn’t receive the one time password (OTP) and therefore I didn’t managed to purchase anything online.

Also, to make things worse, when I arrived at the counter of the Starhub Service Centre at Plaza Singapura B2, the bloody iPhone decided to work again. DAMMIT. SO DAMN ANNOYING.

I work in IT so I totally know how when someone reports a problem, the problem resolves itself when the IT person shows up. And when the IT person leaves, the problem appears again.

And that was totally what happened with my phone.

Within 15 minutes of walking out of the Service Centre, I lost connectivity to the cellular network. I had to join the snaking queue to get served again.

Angry Brown Min Joon
Angry Brown Min Joon © LINE App

I must say that the staff at the Starhub Service Centre in B2 of Plaza Singapura were really nice. They saw that I was back a second time and they served me as soon as they were done with the customer they were serving.

At that point, they also replaced my iPhone with a new set without any hassle. Really painless.

Great customer service experience… but I definitely do not want to experience it again anytime soon. 🙂

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