The Missing Plane that is Flight MH370

You should have heard the news of how Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been missing for days now.

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This incident is truly intriguing. How can such a huge object disappear without a trace? I mean if it had crashed, we should have found some debris by now right? There are like 34 aircrafts and 40 ships with sophisticated equipment (I presume) searching but no one can find anything?

I know there are many speculations out there and I have posted several imaginative theories of my own on Twitter but really, where is the plane?

While I always say that I don’t watch the TV, it is technically true. All the shows that I keep up with, I watch it via my computer/mobile device.

So that said, when I first heard about the disappearance of the plane, my first thought was, “wow, that really sounds like the first episode of LOST.” I am a huge fan of that series despite the lame-ish end to the series.

As time when by, I thought, maybe the plane went through a time warp into another dimension like in Stephen King’s “The Langoliers”. This one is way scarier. Then again, Stephen King only writes horror stories so…

There is also the terrorism theory but I do not particularly want to speculate on that angle. There is no point to spread conspiracy theories of that nature at times like this.

I know how hard it must be for the families of the people on board the plane and for the authorities dealing with this. The families want answers but the authorities have none that they can give with confidence.

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Moon © LINE App

The hardest part of everything is the waiting. The limbo where you don’t know if you should hold on to hope that it was really an alien abduction and people are still alive or it was a crash somewhere and everyone is dead.

It makes the situation so much harder to deal with as well, do you say, “Don’t worry so much, it’ll be fine” and possibly perpetuate false hope or do you say, “I’m sorry to hear about your situation” and dash any glimmer of hope that the person has? Neither really helps with anything if you think about it.

Regardless, I personally prefer to think that 2 aliens boarded the plane with stolen passports and took the plane into a wormhole to travel home. With this scenario, at least there will be people who are still alive…. right?

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