Seoul Adventure: Seoul Subway Train Collision and the Resulting Inconvenience to get to Super Junior Restaurants

If you haven’t heard, the there was a train collision on the subway in Seoul earlier today and just for the record, I was nowhere near the accident when it happened. In fact, I didn’t even know there was an accident until people started mentioning me on Twitter asking me if I was on the train involved in the accident.

While I am not hurt or anything by the accident, the train station (Euljiro 1-ga; 을지로입구역) where the collision happened is the one I’m using daily to get around Seoul.


Moon © Naver LINE
Moon © Naver LINE

The drama just keeps coming throughout my whole trip doesn’t it?

The all important train service to get me from Euljiro 1-ga Station to Konkuk University Station (Mouse Rabbit) via Seonsu Station is not working. To be clear, the trains from Euljiro 1-ga Station to Seonsu are not running. The reverse direction is working and I don’t know how long the subway service will be out for. If anyone of you are in Seoul/coming to Seoul within the next few days, you should take note of this.

If you are staying in the Myeongdong/Namsan or the Edae/Ehwa Women’s University or Hongik area, apart from going to Mouse Rabbit, that direction of Line 2 is really important for all you Super Junior fans because is is the fastest way to Konkuk University Station (Mouse Rabbit) and Apgujeong Rodeo Station (SM Building, Kona Beans and Donghae’s Taco Place). With the train service in that direction not functioning, you’ll now have to take a huge detour if you stick to the trains.

The alternative is to take a bus but this technique will require you to know Korean as you will need to use Naver Maps which will tell you which bus number to take from where, how many stops, the approximate duration of the bus journey and what is the name of the bus-stop to get off.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post as much as I can while camping out at Mouse Rabbit tomorrow. Come by and say hi or something. You might just get lucky and get to order from Yesung. (I’ve seen him 3 times on this trip now. ^^)

[3 May 2014 | Update] The trains are working as normal now. All is well.

One thought on “Seoul Adventure: Seoul Subway Train Collision and the Resulting Inconvenience to get to Super Junior Restaurants

  1. You were at Seoul when that train collision happened last year?

    I was there at that time too, 3 or 4 stations from there, and it was a really weird experience ’cause I was standing with my friend hearing that police with worried face talking to us and understanding anything because we don’t speak a word of Korean.

    Until one beautiful hearted woman came to rescue us, she doesn’t speak English but somehow I understand everything she said, and she help us to come back to our guesthouse that day, she was so nice.

    That day had been a horrible day, really bad for us, to many awful thing happened and we were there for the first time and it was our second day, we were like.. omg! I don’t want to know anything else about Seoul; I want to come back to Japan right now; but then that lady in that moment, somehow change everything.

    Now I had been at Korea twice and I really really fall in love with Seoul, I want to come back as soon as I can.

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