Jeju Island Adventure: Jeongbang Waterfall

Jeongbang Waterfall is supposedly the only waterfall in Asia which falls directly into the ocean so we headed over there as soon as we arrived in Jeju Island.

However, luck wasn’t on our side and it was raining when we got there so the view was like “meh”.

Jeongbang Waterfall

The waterfall itself was just alright to me. I’ve seen nicer and more majestic waterfalls so I wasn’t overly impressed with this one.


Don’t get me wrong, I can imagine that the waterfall would look lovely and it would be nice to sit around the waterfall and feel the water/mist in the air on a hot and sunny day but the rain just kinda spoiled everything for me.

Jeongbang Waterfall

Do take note that the area is very rocky as you can see from the picture above and mind you, not all the rocks are stable so you really need to be careful when you are stepping on the rocks as you try to get a closer/better view of the waterfall.

It is also very interesting to note that they are ahjummas who are selling something along the rock beach.

Jeongbang Waterfall

I’m not 100% sure what exactly they are selling but I know it is something edible because I saw some people sitting under a tree and eating something. Sashimi perhaps? o.o?

Address: 37, Chilsimni-ro 214beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 칠십리로214번길 37 (동홍동)

I do not know what is the telephone number to set in the GPS because the one on the VisitKorea site doesn’t lead you to the correct place on the Korean GPS. Try searching for the recents/favourites, someone definitely has used the GPS to get there. XD

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