Buffalo Sunn at Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem

Buffalo Sunn
Buffalo Sunn

I headed over to Beer Market to check out Irish band “Buffalo Sunn” earlier today.

They were performing as part of Music Matters Live and they are performing a few more shows at the following time and venues:

22 May: Crazy Elephant (8.20pm to 8.50pm)
24 May: Fountain Stage Clarke Quay (7.10pm to 7.30pm)
24 May: Fern & Kiwi (8.50pm to 9.20pm)

** All performances at the Fountain Stage are free for all but venue entry rules applies for all other venues.

I have mentioned before that nowadays, I will not research a band before I go see them; just so that I not prejudiced/biased when I watch them.

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by Buffalo Sunn. Their music is mostly up-tempo and has a folksy kinda vibe to it. Quite nice to bop along to.

Buffalo Sunn are

  • Daniel Paxton – vocals & guitar
  • Ruairi Paxton – bass
  • Neil Paxton – keys, guitar & backing vocals
  • Conor Paxton – guitars
  • Donagh O’Brien – drums
  • Patrick Mc Hugh – keys, guitar & backing vocals

** In case you are wondering about the guys with the same family names, they are brothers.

I haven’t worked out who is who so I’m gonna wait till Friday when they play at the fountain stage and then get my friend (who is kinda like their minder) to introduce them. Hahaha.

Come tag along if you are interested. Can’t guarantee anything though, just so you understand.  🙂

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