Trick at Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem


I have heard a lot of good stuff about local duo Trick and since they were also performing at Music Matters Live, I decided to check them out.

Truth is, I apparently had watched them live before when they performed with Kevin Lester at the 2013/2014 countdown but I have no recollection about them. Sorry guys. I only remembered Kevin Lester at that point.

Anyway, after watching Trick perform live, I can confirm that all the good things I’ve heard about Trick are true. They are as good as people are telling me they are.

While they are good, I feel that they could still do a bit more and better in terms of stage swagger but that’ll come with more stage experience and observing other well established acts to emulate their stage swagger. From what I heard from their live show, I definitely see the potential in them to go pretty far.

That said, I wish you guys all the best and I would really love it for you guys to make it out there in the international mainstream English realm. Bring us some bragging rights will ya? ^^

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