Sultan of the Disco at Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem

Sultan of the Disco
Sultan of the Disco

Must admit that it’s the crazy costume that Sultan of the Disco were wearing that caught my eye rather than my ears at the Kpop Night of Music Matters Live 2014.

I like crazy. (Good crazy of coz.) Crazy people are fun!

I have absolutely no idea what they are singing but I do like what I heard. And that is exactly what is the beauty of music; to be able to enjoy it even though you have no idea what the hell is going on lyrically. 😀

Sultan of the Disco has a very groovy and psychedelic type of sound. Really cool. Kinda reminds me of Austin Powers. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Check out their song “Tang Tang Ball (탱탱볼)”:

Here are a few more photos which I got from the Sultan of the Disco set at the Fountain Main Stage at Music Matters Live 2014:

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