Jennifer Lopez Live at the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Post Mortem

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez played a full show for the second time in Singapore last night at the Padang as part of the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix circuit entertainment.

Compared to her “Dance Again” tour in Singapore 2 years ago, the concert last night was so much better; highlighting that the stage setup and the showmanship of the artist are equally important to the entire concert experience.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Like the “Dance Again” tour, Jennifer Lopez talks/pauses for too long between songs. I mean, I know that Jennifer Lopez is 45 years old (LOOK AT THAT BODY!!) and needs more time to catch her breath between songs but it would be nice if her band can play some music and not let it go silent. It’s hard to maintain the high when the music totally stops.

It was especially bad because just before she did “Jenny From the Block”, it looked like the concert was over and everyone started leaving. The band then started drumming/randomly strumming the guitar just to hint that there it isn’t over yet but it’s kinda too late. A lot of people had left, in part that it was a Sunday night and people still had to go to work on a Monday.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was definitely a better dancer than a singer. She was singing over a backing track/lip-syncing some songs if you realised. And as I said, she is 45 years old. I’m not going to bitch about her because she is 45 and doing what she is doing, it’s very remarkable.

Anyway, Jennifer Lopez concert was definitely more enjoyable than the one 2 years ago but I definitely preferred Robbie Williams’ performance over Jennifer Lopez’s one for the 2014 season of the Singapore Grand Prix. I like my pop/rock over R&B/hiphop stuff.

Jennifer Lopez’s set list at the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix:

  1. First Love
  2. My Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  3. Ain’t It Funny (remix)
  4. I’m Real (remix)
  5. I Luh You Papi
  6. Get Right
  7. Booty
  8. Girls/If You Had My Love
  9. I’m Into You
  10. Waiting For Tonight
  11. Never Satisfied
  12. Let’s Get Loud
  13. Dance Again
  14. One The Floor
  15. Jenny From The Block
  16. Drop It Don’t Hold It

Here are the rest of the photos that came out decent from the concert last night:

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