M.Pire Performance at KNation Manila 2014 Post Mortem

M.Pire @ KNation Manila 2013
M.Pire @ KNation Manila 2014

M.Pire was the first act to perform at the KNation Showcase in Manila on 5 October 2014 at the SMX Convention Center.

Honestly, they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Hahaha. I really didn’t have a very good/strong impression of M.Pire from Mnet’s Idol Battle but they did a lot better than I expected with their live performance.

M.Pire @ KNation Manila 2014
Taehee (leader), M.Pire @ KNation Manila 2014

I am not sure what is the name of this guy above but I definitely remembered his face now because of his strong live vocals. If anyone of you knows who he is, please let me know what is his name.

(Thank you to “Madam” in the comments!) Taehee’s strong vocals was really memorable during the showcase so it left an impression on me that I can recognise him now.

Regardless, M.Pire did a really short set of about 4 or 5 songs I think. I wasn’t really keeping track as I didn’t know any of their songs at all. I wasn’t overly impressed with their performance and neither did their performance stand out for me at all. Sorry. #notsorry.

Also, like from after the fansign, I do not like or dislike them even after the showcase, I’m still neutral towards them. Just not my type I guess.

Regardless, here are the photos that came out well from the showcase.

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