U-Kiss Performance at KNation Manila 2014 Post Mortem

U-Kiss @ KNation Showcase Manila 2014
U-Kiss @ KNation Showcase Manila 2014

Kiseop and Friends U-Kiss was the last and most anticipated performer at KNation Showcase Manila 2014 at the SMX Convention Center on 5 October 2014.

Even though that was my second time seeing Kiseop and Friends U-Kiss in person, this was actually my first time watching their performance live.

Kiseop and Friends U-Kiss has debuted for about 6 years by now and I definitely had high expectations of them and boy did they deliver. 🙂

However, they were doing a lot of R&B stuff so it was admittedly a bit hard for me, who is not really a U-Kiss fan to get high. Sure the other KissMes were screaming but I wasn’t really a fan of them so I needed the music to get me high and how does one get high on a ballad?

So call me biased (which I probably am), haha, the high energy Bigstar performance was still the highlight of the night for me. ^^

I didn’t keep track of the songs because I am absolutely not familiar with their repertoire and discography at all. However, the last song “Man man ha ni” definitely caught my ear. 😀 And a bit of YouTube and Googling told me that the song is from Brave Sound which once again proves my point about how Brave Sound can do no wrong with the music they make.

Anyway, I did enjoy the U-Kiss performance overall nonetheless… Kiseop stood in front of me for most of the ballads, so of course it was enjoyable. Hahahahahahaha. :p

So here are the photos of Kiseop and Friends U-Kiss from the KNation Showcase and this concludes the series on my adventures in Manila. ^^

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