SM Global Audition 2015 in Singapore

SM Global Audition 2015

All you wannabes take note: S.M. Entertainment is holding a round of closed door auditions in SINGAPORE in 2015. The exact date, time and location will only be revealed to successful applicants.

S.M. Entertainment are auditioning for singers, actors/actresses, models, dancers, lyricist/composers. There is no age limit to enter the audition and there are also no fees required to submit an application to audition. There isn’t a requirement to know Korean to audition as well but if you do know, I’m pretty sure it’ll definitely be an advantage.

You can register forΒ this S.M. Entertainment Global Audition by filling up an online form on or send an email to

I know how Korea loves their Internet Explorer and Active X installations to collect any form of personal data. It’s an incredibly frustrating process so I’d actually recommend that you just submit your application via email.

You should include your name, gender, city, date of birth, category you are applying for (only one allowed apparently), contact number/email and a photo of yourself. A standard audition photo requirement is to submit a bust shot and a frontal full body shot of at least 1200 x 1600.

If you have received an email confirming your audition, you need to show up and do not be late. Otherwise you can totally forget about trying out for another S.M. Entertainment audition ever again. You’ll be blacklisted for being insincere/wasting their time. If word spreads, you can forget about even trying to audition anywhere ever again.

Here’s what you will need to prepare for the audition based on the various categories:

  • SINGERS: you will need to sing a capella without a microphone and you will need toΒ perform a cover or original for up to 2 minutes.
  • ACTORS/ACTRESSES: memorise a script/monologue of your choice (original or produced) to perform it on stage.
  • MODELS: commercial acting and various poses.
  • DANCERS: you will be asked to freestyle (up to 2 minutes) to a track that S.M. Entertainment will prepare. You do not need to bring your own audio CD.
  • LYRICIST/COMPOSER: submit a demo CD or lyrics. You can submit it on the audition day or attach the files with your audition registration.

If you have further enquiries, you should email Please also keep checking your email and for updates on the Global Audition.

If you make it through the auditions, you’ll be given the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with S.M. Entertainment.

It’s going to be tough but if you want it badly enough, it’s a great opportunity.

Good luck if you intend to audition!

[3 March 2015 | Update] The Singapore audition is happening on 28 March 2015 so you should submit your application BEFORE that. Good luck!

116 thoughts on “SM Global Audition 2015 in Singapore

    1. not sure. there is no fixed duration. they also didn’t specify when the closing date is. just have to wait and see unfortunately…

  1. Hi do you know whether they would accept everybody who sent in an email? If not, how are applicants chosen?
    Great and informative post btw, really glad this exists πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks man. πŸ™‚

      I’m pretty sure they won’t just accept anyone. They’ll pick whoever they think has a marketable appearance (doesn’t mean you have to be super pretty/handsome) and has a talent/skill which can be further trained to meet commercial standards. The standards will be very high and you’d better be passionate enough to die for this because it’s going to be a really tough journey ahead if you get through the audition ^^; the attitude of the audition hopeful is also very important.

      Those are the usual things that I know scouts look out for. But what exactly SM is looking for is something that only their team will know.

      If you are planning to audition, good luck!

  2. so…just submit the name,city,gender,date ofbirth, category that going to applyfor (only one allowed apparently), contact number/email and a photo of self only? nothing else?

  3. For the photo attachment in the email, do we have to like the ones we have in the passport/ID or you can take a picture of yourself by yourself?

  4. Me and my friend wanted to go in smtown but we Don darn to go from this but we hope tat we can be in smtown… but we till have to study so can but we both wish that smtown can accept us to be a artist in smtown … me and my friend really want to go in smtown… me and my friend really really want to go in smtown… me and my friend hope is to be a artist in smtown ^^ hope that smtown can accept me and my friend plz ^

  5. Hey guys! I was just looking for answers to my question aout the SM GA 2015 in SG and I cam across this blog. Well, I’ve recently annoyed SM with my countless enquiries on this audition and I can fill in on yor doubts! ( I can assure you they’re 100% right cause I emailed them directly )

    1) When i asked them which specific angle should we have the picture taken, they just replied with a front of your face, so a passport photo whould be fine, altough it has to be big enough for them to stare at longingly.
    2)Waiting time? Idk, I read experience videos and apparently, the earlier you send, the longer you’d have to wait, some waited for 4 months! So i suggest you wait for the timings to come out first!
    3)They would let you attend the audition regardless. However, if you didn’t follow the instructions like really follow it, well then I guess they could rip away that chance.
    4)The due date is the day before the audition date itself.
    5) One tip, if you only know a few phrases in Korean/only able to read it, DO NOT include it in your language abilities section, as supposedly I think they’ll test you, by luck.

    and, that’s it!

    However, where can we take face portratits? We need a soft copy to include in the email not a hard copy one, now, I need help!

    1. Thanks for sharing all the info. πŸ™‚

      I’d suggest u get a friend with a dslr who really knows how to take a nice shot (don’t photoshop after that)… Or use a professional studio (but my scout friend doesn’t like those kind of shots coz they feel that is isn’t the real you)

  6. Has the audition date been released? So we make an application ourselves and only send it in a day before the audition date is released?

    1. no idea how long they’ll take to reply. it’s really quite open ended and they can close it anytime they like. it’s really up to them.

  7. I don’t know anyone with a dslr. Well, yet. Any advice? Do you think if for example, i go to kodak, and ask for a passport photo potrait in soft copy, it’s allowed?

    1. it would be allowed for sure… just with a dslr, you can take a gazillion shots and pick the best one vs going to a kodak type place which takes one or two shots and that’s it. You know what i mean?

  8. based on 2014 SM Global Audition Indonesia..
    you can send the application until one day before the audition.
    and I’m sure that SM will reply all the applicants around one up to three weeks before the audition.
    the SM reply will be consist of date, time, and place of your audition.
    SM doesn’t have time to choose one by one on e-mail, so you all can do the audition.

    And the audition will be so fast.
    If the judges like your talent you can perform until few minutes, but if they don’t like it they will say stop although you perform only 5 seconds.

    so good luck Singapore!

  9. Hi! If im going to be a singer, do i have to record a VIDEO of me singing? or just my voice will do? then i submit in MP3 format?:)

    I can dont sing korean songs rite? mix english and korean?

    Thanks for all the info! It really helps!

    1. no. there is no need to send any recording to them. you are just sending the email to tell them you want to audition and you are expected to sing a capella in front of the sm team.

  10. Hi I would like to know if singing Chinese songs allow and I still don’t really get how to send my application through email. I would also like to know if there’s a deadline for the audition in Singapore. Thanks ^.^

    1. they still didn’t set a deadline on when they will close the application for the singapore audition. also, they didn’t say there was any restriction on what language you can or cannot sing in during the audition.

  11. I want to audition for SM too. However, I have a problem at the same time. As a Muslim girl, I always wear my hijab, and I don’t know whether they can accept Muslim girls with hijab. In case they missed it, some Muslims, including myself, also have talent. So I sent an email to the company, asking them whether it is okay. However, about a few days after I had sent the email to them, I still didn’t receive any reply from them. My dad then told me that if there is still no reply from SM, then I should just forget about signing up for the audition and that I should just forget about auditioning altogether, for my religion comes first.:(

  12. would it be okay to perform the same thing in the video and in the real time audition? Since the screeners are different from the judges am i right?

  13. Hi sorry about the prev. comment, found my answer by scrolling down!

    Anyway I’d like to ask, if I apply for composer or lyricist, do I email them my Demo or give it tk them during the audition?

  14. so do we just send a clip(in half body shot) and if we pass we will receive information of the exact time and date for the audition?

  15. Hi, if i’m going to audition for modeling, what do i have to do during the audition and what are the chances of passing the audition since i’m modeling?

  16. hi when i was sending in my application form, i forgot to attach a picture of myself together with it because i thought it wasn’t necessary because it wasn’t marked with an asterisk. i know that sending it in again may cause my application to be marked as spam, but I’m afraid that due to this, they will reject my application >< what should i do?

  17. You don’t have to reply to my earlier question. Hehe~ I got accepted for the auditions. Hehe

  18. Hey, may I ask whether the photo(bust shot & full body shot) has to be formally taken?

  19. Those who got accepted for the audition, what photos did you send of yourself?? Must we send a formal one for bust shot and full body shot? Please help!! πŸ™

  20. I come from Vietnam have received email audition, they say will provide cost but I do not see the email to say this … but I still do not have the cost order to go to singapore . you have to know where the cost of getting it? ??

  21. SM contacted me with a time and date but I’m from the UK so I’m worried about the expenses. And I haven’t told my parents so I’m really worried about going.

  22. youre gonna have to go @amy because if you dont attend the audition, you’ll be blacklisted, sorta, and attending future auditions will be difficult.

  23. I wanna attend the audition, but i does not have the courage to speak up to my mom, can u give me some advice on what shld i do. I really wanna attend the audition i dont want to miss that opportunities, as their next global audition in sg would take at least 4 yrs
    Please give me an advice on What shld i do

  24. you said sm won’t be able to read our emails one by one and we can all go for the audition right? will we still be able to sign up at the venue itself? i submitted my application on the 18th (without a full body shot and with some bare-faced selfies) but still no news from sm. will they still accept me? i’m so worried.

  25. I sent my application on the 18th too! With full body shot and bust shot. But I have no news from sm too… I’m not sure if we are able to sign up at the venue itself because we are not informed where’s the venue at..? :/

  26. oh and i am wondering if they sent out correctly ? cos the recipient of the mail is some other person’s email and not mine ?

  27. I will speak up to my mom no matter What.
    Even if she dont agree i will still go for the audition

  28. sm replied to my application so i can tell you guys some info about the audition !! it’s held Korean Church in Singapore , the address is 21 Gangsa Road Singapore 678973 πŸ™‚

  29. anyway my audition is scheduled on 28th March !! have patience guys , it took about 2-3 weeks before they replied me

  30. but it’s inching closer towards the audition date so they should be informing us of it soon, right?

  31. Anybody know the location where the audition is held in Singapore ? Cause if I still haven’t receive email i plan to go there on the audition day itself so any kind soul can tell me where is it ?

  32. Is it too late to send at the 24th March?
    Cause I send through everysing like last year then just one week before then I realise we can’t send through that so I resend. Do you think they will reply in time before the auditions ?

  33. can sb do a viedo tutorial to show how to participate in sm audition because sorry i am stupid i still don’t get how to participate

  34. Anyone sent their email application in the early march but yet to receive a confirmation email? :/

  35. Does anyone know where the audition venue is? I sent my application on the 24th but I haven’t receive any confirmation email yet

  36. For those who haven’t receive the confirmation email, the audition venue is posted on the SM website do check it out!:) All the best!:)

  37. Thankyou! Are we still able to go and sign up on the spot or something if we have not received the confirmation email?

  38. what exactly is stated in the confirmation mail? it’s not the same as the automatic reply right? where it says something like thank you for submitting your completed application and whatever?

  39. oh no! Until now i haven receive any reply from SM. So tomorrow i am still able to go for audition??

  40. Just recieved news that I am able to participate in the audition!!! Anyone here also? Good luck!!! All the best!! Fighting!!

  41. For those who haven’t received the news, I advice you to check your email because I thought that I will received the news through message but I received it through mail only just TODAY.

  42. Does the audition only last one day on 28th March? :/ i sent in my application but they didnt get back to me so saddd T.T

  43. jessica sm did inform when can get email for those passing the audition on that day audition?

  44. Sm staff that time during end of audition got say if u pass the audition, they will most probably send an email abt 1month later. If never receive that means audition failed.

    1. Hmmmmmm its quite hard to say. Need to c how many ppl is talented n really dare to sing, dance n act. Sometimes it can be no one pass ,0 person. Depend on the judges standard

  45. Idk we should recieved this month if we pass but very nervous now because I still haven’t recieved any news so asking if anyone had recieved the news.Before I die!!! lol jk but ya the feeling

    1. They will send by email for those who audition. Those who fail, will not receive any notification.

    1. During audition they did say, if we passed we will received a email within a month. Bt for me 2 more days wil b a month already. So i no hope already

  46. you must give it at least 1.5 to 2 months. it is like that one. go youtube see those who went for auditions talk about it.

  47. anyway good luck for everyone πŸ™‚ remember to shared your experience if you past!!! Would like to be friend with the future world – wide star πŸ™‚

    1. Hi, congrats!!! U receive the second round email?? How do you know whther you pass? But congrats!! Start practicing for the next round

    1. I think they will contact the passer by email, contact no or send letter to our home? I also not sure

  48. They don’t send emails, they callback! I went to the canadian global audition, amazing experience!
    Btw, if you were late, it doesn’t matter, theres no such thing as blacklisted

  49. julesT did sm pay the cost for you in canadian sm global audition?you can get the next round?

  50. What do you mean the cost?
    And yes, for now, I’m getting to the next round or passing automatically like Henry Lau, since they’re global auditions.

  51. Remember to shared your experience if you pass the third round and sign in to be a trainee Julest!!! Would like to be friend with the future world – wide star πŸ™‚

  52. Id like too! but that’d be hard haha.. I heard you have to get rid of social medias and everything and also, SM didn’t call people back yet, I was told on spot at the audition that I passed the audition. The judge decided if I pass or not and other people is SM will decide if I sign or go for a 3rd round
    They will also decide if they pay or not, but I think they will most likely not pay for a plane ticket but who knows!
    I’ll try to keep you guys informed!

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