Color Me Badd, Tommy Page and All-4-One Live in Singapore 2015 for Retrolicious


I must admit that I was a little bummed that Retrolicious didn’t happen in the October or so period as it always did this year. Retrolicious is super fun and super guilty pleasure. Hehehe.

So when it was announced that Retrolicious would now be happening on 7 February 2015 at Fort Canning Park instead, I got all excited and looked forward to the line up announcement.

When Color Me Badd, Tommy Page and All-4-One was announced, whoa, the amount of guilty pleasure feels I got. Some of colleagues actually screamed when they heard that Tommy Page is coming. LOL.

I must clarify that these people were hot before my time but there is something about all that cheesy music, baggy clothes and bad hair from the 80s that I just cannot get enough of.

Tickets are going at $125 at Sistic if you are interested. This is in Singapore dollars and it does not include the $4 booking fee.

Get those tickets early yeah, quite a number of Tommy Page fangirls are going as far as I know.

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