The List of 2014’s Best and Worst

This list of “Best and Worst” is by no means scientific but it’s purely from my own biased experience and what left such an impression in my head for the 2014 year.

Given the amount of things that I get up to, I actually forget that I had attended a certain concert/event. I’m not kidding. LOL. So if things left an impression in my head, it must be pretty major. ^^


Because you know I’m all about that bass… ’bout that bass, no treble…

It’s no doubt that Meghan Trainor literally appeared from nowhere and burst on the scene to infect everyone with the super catchy hook in “All About That Bass”.

Meghan Trainor defies the typical skinny popstar image and promoted a positive body image with her hit song.

Listening to her entire EP on her YouTube Vevo channel, Meghan Trainor goes for the retro 50s~60s type of sound which I totally dig. If you haven’t heard her EP, you should because it’s really good! I haven’t heard such an incredibly refreshingly sounding album from an up and coming artist in ages! You go girl!

WORST MUSICAL DISCOVERY OF 2014: Chinese Chicken Song

And I thought that “What Does The Fox Say” was bad… this song is even worse!! You can check if out if you have nothing better to do:

BEST CONCERT OF 2014: Bruno Mars, Moonshine Jungle Tour (Lushington Entertainments) & Robbie Williams, Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2014 (Singapore GP)

This one is always a tough one. It’s really so hard to pick one for 2014 so I’ll go with Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour and Robbie Williams at the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2014.

Bruno Mars is absolutely amazing. The performance was flawless and absolutely great fun to watch. I have nothing but praise for Bruno Mars.

The Robbie Williams concert experience is still fresh in my head as it was more recent than the Bruno Mars one. Also, Robbie Williams proved that he is THE entertainer by belting out hit after hit after hit in a freaking thunderstorm. We were drenched in the audience and Robbie made it a point to stand in the rain to perform because it wasn’t fair that the audience were drenched just to see him.

WORST CONCERT OF 2014: Jennifer Lopez, Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2014 (Singapore GP)

This is like the second time I have classified a Jennifer Lopez concert as the worst concert of the year. (First time was in 2012 when she came for her Dance Again World tour.)

Jennifer Lopez is a good dancer no doubt, but singing wise, it’s average and it really pisses me off when a concert goes to complete silence between songs and the stage goes dark. Awkward to the max!


The experience of meeting my BIGSTAR boys in Manila was totally memorable, partly coz it was in Manila as well. Yes, I made the effort to fly all the way to Manila to see them and BIGSTAR wasn’t even the main act at the concert. LOL. I love them that much.

Nicholas Hoult & Dan Estrin of Hoobastank are notable mentions of the best celebrity encounters in 2014 as well. Nicholas Hoult was because I’ve liked him since “About A Boy”.

Dan Estrin is of the biggest love of my (fangirl) life. I mean, I have liked him for at least 10 years now. If this isn’t dedication and true (fangirl) love, I don’t know what is. LOL.


She was the worst because she was literally hiding in plain sight. I didn’t get to see even her shadow but perhaps I might have without even realising it.

A friend who spotted her didn’t know it was her until much later. LOL. Friend thought that she was an assistant/runner or something.

In closing…

If you have felt that something changed in 2014 in the way I posted stuff, you are right. I did change the way I posted stuff in 2014. It was in part because I wanted to go back to basics of posting more experience based entries.

Also, there has been a lot of death in 2014 be and to top it off, I was involved a minor car accident. From there, I must say that I was shaken and I did spend quite a bit of time reflecting on my life and all. I also tried harder to live a life beyond work and this blog.

Once again, I am very grateful and thankful of the opportunities that came along or was given to me in 2014 and I will strive on in 2015.

Here’s to the new year and new opportunities. Cheers! o/

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