BEHIND THE SCENES: Ha Ji Won “Bridge of Friendship” 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore 2015

Ha Ji Won Singapore 2015 Fan Meet
Staff pass for Ha Ji Won Singapore 2015 Fan Meet

For the Ha Ji Won fan meeting in Singapore on 10 January 2015 at the Singapore Conference Hall, I actually was actually meant to be holding a media pass (which I took anyway) but at the last minute, my friend needed an extra pair of hands and voila, I’m a staff member for the Ha Ji Won fan meeting.

It wouldn’t be fair to write a review of a fan meeting when I had only managed to watch the last half an hour or of the show so I changed my mind and shall give you guys a little glimpse behind the scenes of what happened while you guys were enjoying the show.

My friend was one of the organisers for the Ha Ji Won fan meeting in Singapore and while I scored the media pass, my friend did ask a few of us to head down a bit earlier coz they were afraid that they’ll need extra hands to help.

While we were asked to come around 1.00 pm, we arrived at the Singapore Conference Hall at around 1.30 pm. There wasn’t much going on then so we just sat around and chit chatted.

After around an hour or so, we decided to go over to Starbucks to grab a drink since there wasn’t much going on and when we returned at around 3 pm or so, we were told that Ha Ji Won has already arrived and was rehearsing inside.

Shortly after, the Korean team appeared with boxes of merchandise and the next thing we knew, we were asked to help man the merchandise booth. So if you guys were there at the fan meeting, yeah, that was me. ^^

We had to count the merchandise a few times to make sure we got the numbers correct before we could “open” the store at 4.30 pm. From that point onwards, I couldn’t leave the merchandise table.

Even after the fan meeting started, I still couldn’t leave the table to enter the hall to watch the fan meeting as we had to collate the sales figures. We didn’t manage to sort things out till around 8.45 pm or so. That was when I could actually walk away.

Even then, I had to make a choice, go eat dinner (ie, the food from the fan support. Thank you for feeding us!! I saw pictures of it but I never got to see/eat the actual food) or go and watch the last half and hour or so of the fan meeting. Even so, after the fan meeting, I had to rush back outside to pick things up again for round 2 of the merchandise booth after the show.

So in the end, in favour of taking photos (I didn’t want to bring my DSLR out for nothing) so I went into the auditorium.

From the last part of the fan meeting, I must say that Ha Ji Won is really cute. The way she kept screaming and saying “Oh my god!” when she was talking about her Laksa, her favourite dish in Singapore, is so cute!! Hahaha. So yeah, that is all that I saw from the fan meeting.

After the show, we had to recount all the items from the merchandise and we didn’t finish till almost 10.30 pm but even so, the numbers wasn’t finalised and the Korean team had to leave. I left it to the organisers to settle it directly with them at their hotel.

So after all that, I headed home and by the time I reached home, it was around 11.20 pm. I ate whatever food I could find at home; that was dinner and food after almost 12 hours. Then I showered and added a few more things to my luggage before I went to bed around 1.30 am.

After all that madness of the fan meeting, I had to wake up at 6.30 am the next morning to catch a flight at 9.45 am. And did I mention that all that I did during the Ha Ji Won fan meeting as an event staff was free labour as it was a favour to the friend? ^^

So there you have it, what D-Day is like for an event staff. So please do cooperate with the event organisers and event staff. We really are trying to make it a great fan experience for you so try to be a bit more understanding and patient.

All that said and done, here’s the few photos that I managed to take during the Ha Ji Won fan meet in Singapore (2015). Enjoy!

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