Super Junior Super Show 6 Concert in Bangkok 2015 Post Mortem

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

After a crazy Saturday at the Ha Ji Won fan meeting in Singapore, I woke up at 6.30 am (SG) to head to Bangkok for Super Show 6, the Super Junior concert.

Super Show 6 was held over 2 days, 10 & 11 January 2015, at Impact Arena in Bangkok and I only went for the second day.

This one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life so far because the timing was just so tight. Hahaha. My schedule for that day was something like this (in Singapore time):

  • 06:30 | Wake up
  • 07:15 | Leave the house for the airport
  • 08:00 | Check-in and get the boarding pass
  • 09:45 | Plane takes off for Bangkok
  • 12:10 | Plane lands in Bangkok
  • 12:50 | Get a pre-paid TH SIM card and leave the Bangkok Subvarnabhumi Airport
  • 13:40 | Arrive at hotel, leave luggage at the concierge
  • 14:00 | Leave hotel and head to Impact Arena
  • 15:40 | Arrive at Impact Arena
  • 17:00 | Super Show 6 begins
  • 21:00 | Super Show 6 ends
  • 22:30 | Arrive back in the vicinity of the hotel and look for dinner
  • 23:15 | Finally entered the hotel room to eat takeout dinner
  • 02:30 | Sleep

This type of travel and concert/fangirl lifestyle is not for the faint-hearted. 🙂 People used to ask if they could come along with me for such trips and now that you know what the schedule is like, would you still like to come along? Hahaha.

Unfortunately for this trip, I was more rushed than usual because of the Ha Ji Won fan meeting, otherwise I generally would try to arrive at least the day before the concert as I was super worried about the traffic jam in Bangkok and how I’d get lost and/or be late for the concert.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure of how to get to Impact Arena from the city centre and I didn’t know what the traffic condition would be like. I was totally stressed out because I still had to arrive at the venue with ample time to collect my ticket!

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Ticket, Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

I knew that as I neared the BTS Mo Chit station, I’d spot some fellow ELFs which I can follow to the venue and true enough, as I was getting off the BTS, I spotted a fan and I ran up to her and asked if I could follow her to Impact Arena. 🙂

She was really nice and said ok and when I was tagging along with them, they decided to take a taxi instead of waiting for the shuttle bus (30 baht, one way ride) to Impact Arena and they refused to let me share the cost of the taxi ride because “this is my city”.

When we arrived at Impact Arena, they lead me to the ticket counter to get collect my ticket and after that, they went all over the place to collect all the banners for the fan projects. They were totally lovely and I didn’t catch their names (because I wouldn’t have been able to pronounce it) but once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

The concert was great as expected. A Super Show is always entertaining, be it a planned or unplanned action while on stage. Hahaha. The random unplanned stuff are one of the cool and fun things at any Super Show. My mother ever went to watch Super Show 5 in Macau and she thought that Super Junior were very entertaining even though she is not a fan. Hahaha.

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

Without giving away any spoilers for the sake of the fans who hasn’t watched Super Show 6, please know that it is a must to wear waterproof eye make up or just don’t use any eye make up. In fact, that applies to any Super Show; someone is bound to make you cry with them going into and coming out of the army one by one.

The Shindong video is very touching and sad. Maybe as the main KOR&CHI -> ENG translator on the fanbase, I know more about the personality, character and mindset of the Super Junior boys and therefore I feel a bit more than most fans.

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

What pains me the most about Shindong’s video was how much he contributed to the creative direction of producing Super Show 6 and he isn’t able to receive the screams and applause which is due to him. Also, Shindong is often one of those invisible members (compared to the other more popular members) but yet he is the one who does the most behind the scenes as Super Junior and yet he always apologises for not being good enough.

Also, when Leeteuk says “늘 고맙고 사랑한다 (always thankful and loving you)” at the end of “From U”, he gets a bit emotional so he might end up making you cry as well.

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

Visually, the Super Show 6 stage is very nice. I like the imagery that was projected and I’d say the stage direction at Super Show 6 is better than Super Show 5 but Super Show 4 still wins overall.

Security in Bangkok was really strict as well. Bags were searched and we had to walk through a metal detector and there was a pat down too. Inside the concert hall, they weren’t overly strict with taking photos I think. The security inside didn’t seem to be overly particular with people taking photos using the smart phones but I saw them stopping people from taking videos using their smart phones.

I actually managed to sneak my small camera into the venue but I didn’t bother to take it out in the end because I had a bit of space around me and I would be too easily spotted if I used the camera to take any photos.

Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015
Super Show 6 in Bangkok 2015

Anyway, I had a lot of fun in Bangkok during Super Show 6 and once again, a big thank you to the 3 fans who helped me get to Impact Arena without any drama.

Here’s looking forward to the next Super Show. ^^

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    1. They have a shuttle bus back to the bts… You should be able to see a queue… Most people will flock there anyway… Just double check with the person in the queue

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