New Found Glory Live in Singapore 2015 Post Mortem

New Found Glory Singapore 2015
New Found Glory Singapore 2015

WHOO!!! New Found Glory is a band that lasted for 18 years for a reason: they really know how to rock!

It was really nice to hear a band playing music live after so much electronically generated music in k-pop. LOL. It was also really, really nice to head bang and rock out after a long time.

The only problem was that I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes last night. I wore a pair of sandals because I knew that there would be a certain level of moshing and I didn’t want to lose my shoe. LOL.

Speaking of losing stuff, people, you guys need to be really careful with your stuff if you want to mosh. I heard that many sets of keys were found after the concert. LOL. I think the most epic one was how one of the moshers lost his pair of spectacles. XD

Also, I heard that there was a girl who moshed I think and then hit her head (I don’t know how) but I saw her sitting on the floor at the back and crying I think; it was dark so I couldn’t see properly. There wasn’t any bleeding but I hope that it’s just a big bruise and that’s all.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! It’s not worth getting more than a sore throat, tired arms and legs at a concert.

Anyway, the guys of New Found Glory are really hilarious. Chad, I think, was kinda like “Cyrus isn’t here because he didn’t practice safe sex and he got his wife pregnant and the baby is due anytime this week.” XD XD XD

Also, they referred to the stand in drummer, Mike, as Christian Bale and they thanked him for standing in for Cyrus and making them look fat. LOL… before adding that he was “Ryan Gosling on drums”.

Even thought I wasn’t entire familiar with the discography of New Found Glory, I definitely enjoyed myself last night. Live music is always awesome.


  1. Selfless
  2. Understatement
  3. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
  4. Resurrection
  5. Hit or Miss
  6. Something I Call Personality
  7. Hold My Hand
  8. Anthem for the Unwanted
  9. The Worst Person
  10. Truth of My Youth
  11. Listen to Your Friends
  12. It’s Not Your Fault
  13. Ready & Willing
  14. Failure’s Not Flattering
  15. Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer cover)
  16. Dressed to Kill
  17. Intro
  18. My Friends Over You
  19. ENCORE: One More Round
  20. ENCORE: Truck Stop Blues
  21. ENCORE: All Downhill from Here

Thank you to FIJI Water Singapore once again for the tickets to this New Found Glory concert. ^^

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Finally, here are some of the photos which turned out well from the concert:

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