Super Junior Live in Singapore 2015 on their Super Show 6 Tour Post Mortem

Super Show 6 Singapore 2015
Super Show 6 Singapore 2015

Super Junior returned to Singapore with Super Show 6 after almost 2 years.

Super Show 6 Singapore was fun but there was a pretty sombre undertone to the atmosphere. It might not be apparent to everyone in the audience but a few of us definitely felt it.

Don’t get me wrong, Super Show 6 Singapore was fun but still, deep down, it is pretty painful in the sense that a lot of us knew that this was the 2nd last Super Show 6 concert of the entire tour and that after this tour, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are going into the army to serve their mandatory national service and there would not be anymore Super Shows for the next 3 years at least.

On top of that, earlier in the week Eunhyuk’s pet dog of 12 years (if I remembered the numbers right) had to be put down because of some ailment and some of us knew that he was devastated. It was pretty obvious that Eunhyuk wasn’t his usual self on stage and there was little or no attempts by Donghae, his other half, to do anything lame with/to Eunhyuk.

Despite all the emotional upheavals and all, Super Junior still remained professional and tried their hardest to put on a great show for everyone.

It was especially funny how during the first ment section, all the Super Junior members started introducing themselves but halfway through, as they started insisting that everyone should only speak in English for everything. That’s when it got hilarious… LOL… because only Siwon can speak English decently. Donghae’s English is barely passable while the rest of them couldn’t even put together a proper sentence.

The funniest part was how Siwon forced Heechul to speak in English because Heechul used to major in English Literature back in University. Obviously, he hasn’t spoken in English for ages so you could see how stressed he looked when Siwon started forcing him to speak in English.

I managed to find a fancam of the whole first ment from Super Show 6 in Singapore so enjoy yourselves. Hahaha. There is a lot of screaming in the video so be warned. Thanks for famcaming the whole thing. It’s really worth the memory!

Also, the setlist in Super Show 6 Singapore is slightly different from the Bangkok one. Siwon didn’t do his stupid horse solo but he did Leeteuk’s Lost Stars instead. Leeteuk then did Huh Gak’s “Hello” for his solo. D&E did “Growing Pains” instead of “Motorcycle”, “Hello” and “Oppa Oppa”. And of course, there is no Sungmin Taiko drum solo in Singapore.

Here is the Singapore setlist:

  1. Twins (Knockout)
  2. Bonamana (Rock ver.)
  3. Sorry, Sorry (with Heechul on drums)
  4. U
  5. Eunhyuk Solo
  6. Midnight Blues
  7. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
  8. Mr. Simple
  9. Don’t Leave Me
  10. Islands
  11. My Thoughts, Your Memories – Kyuhyun Solo
  12. At Gwanghwamun (Chinese version) – Kyuhyun Solo
  13. 상심 (Heartbreak) – Kangin Solo
  14. 七里香 – Ryeowook Solo
  15. This is Love
  16. Evanesce
  17. Swing (Chinese Version)
  18. Smooth Criminal on the Violin – Henry Solo
  19. Fantastic – Henry Solo
  20. 挽回 (Rewind) – Zhoumi Solo
  21. 1+1=LOVE” – Donghae Solo (feat. Eunhyuk)
  22. Growing Pains
  23. Lost Stars – Siwon Solo
  24. Hello (cover of Huh Gak) – Leeteuk solo
  25. Elsa Contest
  26. Rokkugo
  27. 잊지 말아요 (Don’t Forget) Video ver. – Shindong Solo
  28. Too Many Beautiful Girls
  29. Shirt
  30. Rockstar / Let’s Dance
  31. ENCORE: Mamacita
  32. ENCORE: From U
  33. ENCORE: Haru
Super Show 6 Singapore 2015
Super Show 6 Singapore 2015

The audience reaction last night was pretty muted and with the SJ boys already being a little subdue, the whole atmosphere just didn’t get crazy high enough. It was a marked difference from the Bangkok one. That said, the mood was still better than SS5 Macau.

Finally, thank you for the memories. It’s been a really fun ride for the last 5 years since I became obsessed with Super Junior. Here’s to forever. As promised to Siwon, there will be no change of heart.

영원 하자. 끝까지 변하지 않겠다.

4 thoughts on “Super Junior Live in Singapore 2015 on their Super Show 6 Tour Post Mortem

  1. Hi Joven,

    I enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for a thoughtful account of SS6 SG.

    I was there too on 1 May (it was my first time at a Super Show as I only got into SJ around March 2013, but as Siwon said, “You don’t have to be an ELF from the start as long as you’re and ELF till the end” and I intend to do that), and it was incredibly exciting for me! I was a little worried about Hyuk at the start because he looked a little faint, but the boys put up a professional performance for us as usual.

    You might want to check out my account of SS6 SG on my blog at If you don’t mind, I would love if we could get in touch via Facebook or email – SG ELFs unite!

    Finally, I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog while searching for SJ news. 만나서 반가워요!


    PS. Your post on how to get to Donghae’s Grill5 Taco Place was incredibly helpful! Definitely visiting it when I go back to Korea.

    1. Hi Joyce. I’m Joyce too. LOL. Thanks for your comment. Sure man. The more ELFs the merrier! 🙂

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