SISTAR Singapore 2015 Arrival and Departure Flight Information

I know it’s kinda late but I hope at least some of you will get to see this. I couldn’t log in for a good part of today to post this due to work and some technical issues with wordpress.

Anyway, here goes:


The SISTAR ladies are scheduled to arrive on SQ603 on 1 July 2015, ETA 5.35 am. Also, they are due to leave on SQ608 on 2 July 2015, ETD 12.10 am. Crazy mad day trip. Such is the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Enviable much isn’t it?

Please check the Changi Airport website for the exact timings as flights can land earlier or later depending on weather and air traffic conditions.

As usual, take care of your belongings, don’t rush, don’t push, don’t run on the road, good luck and have fun!

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