Life Now With A Dog in Tow

Kimbap "Koko" Domi
Kimbap “Koko” Domi

Now that the dog has been legally adopted, it also means that I can’t YOLO as much as I used to or dash off somewhere without checking to see if the dog will be walked or fed if I’m not around.

It also means that I will have to get even more selective with the concerts and events I go for and the people I stalk (even though it doesn’t looks like it); much to the delight of my parents.

Even though feeding, walking and cleaning the dog is a joint effort by all, the dog is quite a handful. We are very lucky that our dog has been really good; we don’t really have any problems with her except how she gets mouthy when she is excited and how it’s so hard to get her out of the house to go pee/shit.

While I do feel a little tied down with the dog in tow now, there is still no regrets with the adoption as there has been more positive than negative things that came with the dog.

Anyway it’s only June 2015 and 5 weeks since the dog lived with us. Once she is properly obedient and house-trained, I’ll be posting again more frequently. ^^

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