New Reality Series: Man VS Child: Chef Showdown

Man vs Child: Chef Showdown (© Lifetime Asia)
Man vs Child: Chef Showdown (© Lifetime Asia)

There is a new culinary competition reality series type show in town and this time around, it pits some of the world’s most talented young cooks against the very people they look up to, professionally trained, adult chefs.

Check out a snippet of the show:

What were you doing at 7 years old man?? I don’t think I was even allowed to hold a knife at 7!! It does makes me feel so useless and inadequate when I watch the kids cook up a culinary storm on the show. Heck, I can’t even cook 10% of the stuff that the kids did in that limited time!! Regardless, the competition is still pretty damn cool.

In each episode, a team of five child cooking prodigies will challenge a prolific executive-level chef in the kitchen, where they will defend their culinary abilities.

You can get a taste of the rest of the episodes here:

You can tune in to Lifetime Channel (Starhub Channel 514) from 26 January 2016, 7.00 pm (SG/HK) to catch the full episodes of “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown”.

It’s gonna get hot in the kitchen…

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