The 2016 Year So Far…

The 2016 year so far has been pretty insane. It’s only been about 2 weeks into the year and I’ve been crazy busy at work. I’ve been so busy that I actually forgot that the Madonna tickets went on sale today and I’ve missed out on buying the tickets to the standing zone. Looks like I’m not going to watch Madonna in concert after all.

My days of work/life balance are definitely over and I don’t see how there will be any respite any time soon based on all the things that are coming in the pipeline over the course of the year. I hope to still at least see the sun when I leave the office.

That said, when I get home, I usually settle down for dinner and within 30 ~ 60 minutes of finishing my dinner, I have to bring the dog down for her nightly pee and poo. Along the way, if we bump into her doggie friends (which is almost like everyday), I have to let her play with them for at least one hour for the sake of letting her work on her human and doggie social skills and to boost her confidence.

That basically leaves no time for myself really. This is the first time this year that I am able to sit down and sneak a post on the blog while everyone else is sleeping at home. Even the dog… who is sleeping on my bed right now as I type this, as if it belongs to her.


Anyway, I just wanted to check in really quickly to post that I have not abandoned the blog and I’ve just been really busy at work. Those following me on Twitter will even notice that I don’t post as much now. LOL.

So there you have it, here’s wishing everyone a great year ahead!

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