SPOTTED: MAP6 in Seoul 2016 & “Stalked” by U-Kiss Kiseop

MAP6 @ SBS Prism Tower, Seoul
MAP6 (L-R: J.Vin, Sign, Minhyuk, Sun, J.Jun) @ SBS Prism Tower, Seoul

If bumping into MAP6 in Seoul wasn’t fate, I don’t know what it is.

When I booked my trip to Seoul, I had no idea that my MAP6 boys would still be promoting their latest single “Swagger Time/매력발산타임” during the duration of my trip. In fact, I didn’t even know if I could make it for this Seoul trip because I was supposed to undergo a day surgery 2 weeks before and might not even be fit to fly.

However, things worked out in such a way that I booked my flight only about 13 days before I flew off.

Anyway, when I arrived in Seoul at 6.40 am KST, I headed straight to the guesthouse in Sinsa-dong to drop my luggage off and by 2.30 pm KST, I was outside SBS Prism Tower and in the queue to accompany my friend to watch the pre-recording of U-Kiss “Stalker” performance for the SBS MTV The Show later in the evening.

“Stalker” Kiseop, a member of U-Kiss, took a picture of us sitting on the floor as we waiting to enter the studio. I was feeling like death at that point. A few other KissMes also commented that I looked really tired. By the time I entered the studio for the U-Kiss & SS301 pre-recording performance, I was a zombie and I mostly just stood in the audience with zero reaction. LOL. Sorry Kiseop. I was really just too tired.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

When the pre-recording was done, there was about 4 hours to kill before the live show at 8.00 pm KST. As Prism Tower was about 1.5 hours away from our guesthouse, we were just hanging around the area until it was time for the check-in queue at 7.00 pm KST.

While we were waiting, we started to wonder if we could spot any other artists walking in and out of the building and true enough, we saw some of them… but we had no idea who they were. LOL.

When it got closer to the check-in time, we decided to walk back to the assembly area and then we saw a bunch of MAP6  fans and we decided to ask them what’s the criteria to join the MAP6 queue for the next time. I was struggling to speak in Korean because I was so brain dead and by the time we got the message across, the MAP6 boys walked out of the main entrance of Prism Tower!! I was so shocked!!

It’s been about 3 years since I saw them boys and they have matured into such fine and handsome young adults!! And I looked like crap being so tired but regardless, I was really very happy and proud to see their growth as humans and an artist over the last 3 years. It was really nice for all of us to meet each other again after so many years and I’m really glad that they didn’t really change their personalities much if at all; which makes me even more proud of them.

After like 10 – 15 minutes, the boys went back inside and I left the area. LOL. I was ready to collapse and faint at that point. Boys probably didn’t know that I didn’t make it into the live broadcast of SBS MTV The Show in the end. 미안해. 피곤해죽겠다니까.

Anyway, check out the MAP6 performance of their latest single “Swagger Time/매력발산타임” at SBS MTV The Show here:

Watch their official music video here:

How cool are my boys? 🙂

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