The Veronicas Live At Music Matters Festival 2016 (Singapore) Opening Night Post Mortem

The Veronicas @ Music Matters Festival 2016 (Singapore)
The Veronicas @ Music Matters Festival 2016 (Singapore)

I never thought this day would come to be honest. It’s been a bit more than 10 years since I became a fan of The Veronicas and it was also just a bit more than 10 years since I last got to see The Veronicas perform live.

Last night, 12 September 2016, The Veronicas performed as part of the Music Matters Festival 2016 opening night festivities at Millian. It was a short 20 minutes or so set.

Set list:

  1. Untouched
  2. Hook Me Up
  3. You Ruin Me
  4. Take Me On The Floor
  5. When It All Falls Apart
  6. In My Blood
  7. 4Ever

The Veronicas are amazing live and they are ever the pros that they are given their 10 years of experience in the business. It was really nice to see all the fans sing along to almost all the songs in the set list word for word.

Check out some clips of The Veronicas performing at Millian last night:

It wasn’t in my plan to reveal and share any details of what went down when we hung out with The Veronicas the day before but after the performance last night and what they did, I need to share some of the details so you guys know the behind story and just how sweet and awesome The Veronicas are.

As I mentioned in my previous post, The Veronicas asked us to help pick the set list for the show. While we were walking around, Jessica who was quite busily tapping away on her phone suddenly looked up and said that they needed to pick the set list for the show at Millian. As I was walking with her (and @PopCultureBoy was in front with Lisa), she asked if I had any requests and I just blurted out, “When It All Falls Apart!!” coz it was my favourite along with “Stay”. @PopCultureBoy seconded “When It All Falls Apart” as well.

Unfortunately, the band hadn’t learnt how to play “When It All Falls Apart” yet so it didn’t make it to the original set list. Instead, we trimmed the list that The Veronicas had to just 6 songs (cutting out “Everything I’m Not” and “Hotline Bling”).

So yeah, we headed to the Millian show knowing the set list so imagine our shock when we heard “When It All Falls Apart” being performed. At first, I thought I had my The Veronicas discography mixed up and then I thought that The Veronicas were only going to sing a few lines but no, they kept going and performed the whole song acoustic!!

It was so surreal!! The Veronicas got their guitarist to play an extremely simplified strumming version of “When It All Falls Apart” just so they can add that song into the set list because we said we liked it.

This is what the regular acoustic version of “When It All Falls Apart” should sound like (pay attention to the strumming):

To be honest, it still hasn’t really sunk in that The Veronica actually squeezed that song in because we liked it. T_T How sweet are they?!?!

Here’s hoping that the next time I get to watch The Veronicas live won’t be in another 10 years and that the tour happens!!

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  1. The setlist was great, a mix of old and new songs. I would have loved to hear Everything I’m Not live!! I guess they’d do that when they come back for a proper concert :p Hopefully with This Love, Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) and Lolita! Can’t wait❤️ Thanks for sharing the experience!

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