Taste Test: McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger

McDonald's Seoul Spicy Burger
McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger

I don’t usually do this but since I’m such a sucker for most things that are Korean nowadays, I just had to. Haha. Also, I would usually try all the special/country specific/limited edition burgers from McDonald’s because why not? 😅

McDonald’s came out with a new limited edition “Seoul Spicy” burger with a beef and chicken variation last Thursday, 9 March 2017. @maplemelts suggested that we go try on day 1 and naturally, I’m down since I’m such junk food trash.

McDonald's Seoul Spicy Burger - Beef
McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger – Beef

We ordered the Beef version of the Seoul Spicy burger and damn it was spicy!! I actually suspect that the sauce is the same sauce that is the Bulgogi burger that you can only find in McDonald’s in South Korea except that they made it spicy in this variation.

It’s nice except that I would have preferred it to be a little less spicy though. The spiciness kinda overpowers the taste of the sauce.

McDonald's Seoul Spicy Burger - Chicken
McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger – Chicken

Earlier today, I ended up in McDonald’s again and so I decided to try the chicken variation of the Seoul Spicy burger and DAMN!!! The chicken version is even spicier than the beef version!! OH MY GOD. It’s been about 3 hours since I ate the burger and my mouth is still burning a little from the spiciness as I type this. (Ok, I can’t really take spicy stuff that well.)

The chicken meat was really tender and the 고추 (chilli) sauce is pretty close to the 양념 (yangneom) flavoured Korean fried chicken that you can find in South Korea! It’s way more tasty that I expected but same thing, it’s so damn spicy!!

After trying both variations, I’d say the chicken variation is nicer than the beef one.

McDonald's Kimchi Shaker Fries
McDonald’s Kimchi Shaker Fries

With the Seoul Spicy burger, there was also the kimchi shaker fries. The first few bites was kinda weird coz the powder made the fries taste sourish and very garlicky; exactly like how kimchi tastes like.

However, after a few more fries, I got used to the taste and it’s actually very nice! In fact, the kimchi shaker fries is my favourite thing out of this limited duration promotion.

I’m not sure how long this Seoul Spicy campaign is going to last but I’m sure that there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll have the Seoul Spicy chicken burger and/or kimchi shaker fries again.


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