U-Kiss Premium Live – Kevin’s Graduation in Yokohama, Japan 2017 Post Mortem

U-Kiss Premium Live - Kevin's Graduation
U-Kiss Premium Live – Kevin’s Graduation

Kevin announced in March 2017 that he would depart from U-Kiss after his contract ended. And despite the fact that he was no longer contracted with NH Media and no longer a part of U-Kiss, he participated in a series of concert in Japan to mark his departure from U-Kiss and to say a final goodbye to KissMes on 24 & 25 April 2017 at the Kanagawa Kenmin Hall in Yokohama.

U-Kiss Premium Live - Kevin's Graduation
U-Kiss Premium Live – Kevin’s Graduation

So being the die-hard KissMe that I am, I knew I had to attend the “U-Kiss Premier Live – Kevin’s Graduation Concert” in Yokohama; else I’ll probably regret not ever saying “goodbye” to Kevin as a U-Kiss member. So that was the sole reason for my trip to Yokohama, Japan.

This being the final few concerts of U-Kiss with Kevin as a member, it was expectedly difficult to get hold of the concert tickets. However, thanks to my friends, I managed to still get tickets to all 4 concerts. I am forever grateful to you all. You know who you are.

U-Kiss Premium Live - Kevin's Graduation Goods
U-Kiss Premium Live – Kevin’s Graduation Goods

All 4 concerts were focused on Kevin (duh!) and throughout the concert, each of the members took turns to perform parts of different songs in a medley with Kevin. The boys tried to keep the atmosphere up by messing around on stage like they usually would but the look on their face says it all. It just breaks my heart and makes me so sad.

In the 4th and final concert, everyone in U-Kiss started crying and so I did. In fact, of all that happened during those 4 concerts, I only remembered clearly how I cried like hell when it finally ended for the 4th and last time. While most people think that the ones who are left behind are hurting but they also failed to realise that the one who is leaving is also leaving with a heavy heart.

수현오빠, 자책하지 마라. 대단한 리더가 돼. 앞으로 멤버와 함께 계속 화이팅하세요. 뒤 돌아볼 때는 후회가 하지 마. 절대. 우리 키스미들은 처음부터 지금까지 오빠들을 응원줘서 후회를 해 본 적이 없다.

Kevin, thank you for all the wonderful memories that you have given to us KissMes. Move on to the next stage in your life with confidence. Haters gonna hate. I sincerely wish you all the best and I hope that you will be able to drop by Singapore someday as Kevin Woo. Till then.

Finally, I hope that all KissMes will continue to support both U-Kiss and Kevin. Like Hoon said during the concert, “Even though U-Kiss and Kevin are walking towards different directions, the destination of both paths still leads to KissMes.”

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