Super Junior “Super Show 7” in Taipei 2018 Post Mortem

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

Oh yeah. Hahaha. I went to Taiwan to catch Super Show 7 again on the 31 March and 1 April 2018 at Taipei Arena. It would be my 5th & 6th round of Super Show 7 and it just doesn’t get old. Looking to attend at least one more to be honest… lol.

Sure, the set list is the same but as the tour goes on, you can see that the Super Junior members are less stressed and kinda can’t really be bothered to be perfect. As a fan, that’s when it gets fun. They start improvising the dance choreography, making stupid mistakes and start spewing more nonsense. Hahaha. Those are what make a Super Show so fun!

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

After the first 3 songs on the first day, they were panting like mad and Leeteuk said, “Let’s us first catch our breath and take a sip of water.”

Donghae then continued in Mandarin, “I’m so tired. I cannot do this. The rest of the concert is cancelled. So sorry about that. Bye bye.”


The main reason why I wanted to go to a Super Show in Taipei is because the Taiwanese E.L.F. does the best fan events EVER!! And no doubt it was AMAZING on both days.

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

The photo above is from the first day and it is a message that E.L.F. show to the Super Junior members on stage. It says, “오빠, 다 같이 1, 2, 3를 외쳐자!” [trans: Oppas, please count 1,2,3 together.] And when the Super Junior members obliged and counted, the entire stadium of 10,000 fans (no shit) shouted, “오빠들, 내 마음 속에 정~~장!!” [trans: Oppas, you are saved in my heart!]

On the second day, it was even more amazing!! Half the stadium put up the message “눈이 이상하다.” [trans: there’s something wrong with my eyes.] and the Super Junior members saw it and were like, “Huh?? What is wrong? What are you guys talking about??”

Then the other half of the stadium put up the other half of the message: “왜 오빠들만 보이지?” [trans: why is it that I can only see Oppas (and no one else)?]


Watch it yourselves:

Also, most of the Super Junior members can speak a decent amount of Mandarin so they do try to speak in Mandarin throughout the concert as much as possible. The Super Junior members are a bunch of clowns and when combined with their broken Mandarin, it was absolutely hilarious.

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

The truth was, I went to Taiwan a week earlier for a short holiday as well and I caught a cold at the start of the trip. I was better by the time I went to Super Show 7 but I was still a little sick. However, I must say that during the 3 hours concert on each day, I completely forgot that I had a sore throat and a semi-blocked nose. I was laughing, screaming and singing along the entire concert. I had such a great time still. 🙂

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

I must say that I was quite surprised that Taiwan didn’t have a revolving centre stage. I thought they would have a fuller stage setup given how much nicer their ticket and invite was compared to the other destinations I’ve been to.

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

The “invite” in Taipei was gold ink freaking embossed on textured card!! It is so much nicer than the Seoul invite which was just printed on a card with a glossy finish.

Look at the ticket as well:

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

It’s a card like those they have in Bangkok and it’s so damn nice!!

The setlist was identical to Singapore:

  1. Black Suit
  2. Scene Stealer
  3. MAMACITA (아야야)
  4. Shirt
  5. 예뻐 보여 (Girlfriend)
  6. This Is Love
  7. Too Late
  8. 너라고 (It’s You)
  9. 비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance) [Donghae played the piano!]
  10. 기억을 따라 (Memories)
  11. 별이 뜬다 (Stars Appear…)
  12. 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo)
  13. Dancers’ Dance Performance: U, Oppa Oppa and 축이 와 (Can You Feel It?)
  14. Runaway
  15. Too Many Beautiful Girls
  16. Magic
  17. Siwon DJ-ing to Let’s Dance
  18. On and On
  19. Super Duper
  20. Sorry, Sorry
  21. Mr Simple
  22. 미인아 (BONAMANA)
  23. I Do (두 번째 고백)
  24. The Lucky Ones
  25. Shining Star
  26. ENCORE: Devil
  27. ENRORE: Spin Up
  28. ENCORE: Miracle
Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

And I realised that for their mini-drama, I’ve watched all EP 1 (Seoul), EP 2 (Singapore) and EP 3 (Taipei) so far. LOL. I’m so going to die for EP 4 which will probably be shown at the Latin America dates!! Spoiler: At the end of EP 3, there is an EunHae moment and I was screaming like hell. LOL. So yeah, tell me what happens in EP 4!!

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

This is my first ever concert in Taipei Arena and I’m not sure if it’s the acoustics of the place or because my nose and hence ears were partially blocked, I didn’t think the audio system was very good. Beyond that, it was actually a very good concert experience.

Everyone was orderly in the queue, no one left litter when they started to enter the venue, there was no moshing/pushing in the standing pens (I was in Pen A both days). The Taiwanese fans aren’t very scream-y people but their passion and teamwork as evidenced by their fan events is definitely top-notched. Kudos to everyone!

So many concerts I’ve been to, the Taiwanese Super Junior (and D&E) shows are really one of the top 10 the most amazing ones to be a part of.

Super Show 7 Taipei
Super Show 7 Taipei

After this experience, I don’t think there is any doubt that I would be going to Super Show 8 in Taipei; whenever that is.

Thank you Taiwan E.L.F.!

4 thoughts on “Super Junior “Super Show 7” in Taipei 2018 Post Mortem

  1. Hello,

    This is a really weird timing to be replying to your post dated Apr 2018.
    However, I would liked to know how you managed to obtain concert tickets for SS7 Taipei.

    I would like to go for SS8 Taipei (if it is announced…) and I am finding ways to get the tickets since you would usually need a Taiwan contact number, address and maybe ATM card for delivery of the concert tickets and payment.

    I am doubtful that there will be any local fans purchase for overseas fans available since it is famous that it is very difficult to obtain concert tickets in Taipei.

    Appreciate if you could share that info with me…

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Nah, it’s not weird to reply to an old post. I got tickets for SS7 Taipei via the SM Global Package. It’s super expensive but it includes hotel accommodation, concert tickets, transfer from hotel to venue and some concert merchandise that is exclusive to Global Package customers.

      The thing about buying concert tickets in Taiwan is, you can buy online BUT you can’t pay for it online. I tried. Payment had to be done at this kiosk thing in a 7-11. I think there’s a few different ticketing types but the one I tried for D&E in Taipei, I needed to pay at 7-11 within a few hours.

      Unless you have a friend in Taipei who can help you to buy tickets OR pay for tickets, it’s almost impossible for people outside Taiwan to buy tickets to a Super Show in Taipei. Your best and guaranteed bet is via the SM Global Package.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Joven, may I know SS7 in Taipei global package that you bought cost how much? Just wondering if I can afford it for SS8..

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