Hyperplay Day 1 Singapore 2018 Post Mortem

© Hyperplay 2018
© Hyperplay 2018

4 August 2018 marks the start of Hyperplay, the first ever integrated ASEAN esports and music festival at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Hyperplay kicked off with the first ASEAN League of Legends (LoL) semi-finals with Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters taking on The Philippines’ Acclaim Empire X. Team Malaysia emerged victorious after 3 rounds with a 2 – 1 win over Team Philippines to take a spot in the grand finals.

© Hyperplay 2018
© Hyperplay 2018

Guest-of-Honour, Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean then officially opened the show where he introduced and presented the Hyperplay trophy before he signalled the official start of the event with, “Let’s Hyperplay”.

© MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018
© MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018

The Sam Willows then took to the stage to kick off the 1st MTV Spotlight performance with a setlist as follows:

  1. All Time High
  2. Baby Don’t Shy
  3. Keep Me Jealous
  4. Thirsty
  5. Save Myself
  6. Robot
  7. Papa Money
  8. For Love
  9. Take Heart

It’s been a while since I watched The Sam Willows performed live and I must say that I was pretty surprised to find the members doing choreographed dance moves during their performance along with back up dancers even!

© Hyperplay 2018
© Hyperplay 2018

After the 45 minutes set from The Sam Willows, it was the 2nd semi-finals with Singapore’s Sovereign battling Vietnam’s Super Star Destroyers, one of the tournament favourites. Team Singapore put up a hard fight but it still wasn’t enough to defeat Team Vietnam, who remains undefeated through this entire competition. Team Vietnam proceeds to the finals to face Team Malaysia in the grand finals.

© MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018
© MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018

After the 2nd semi-finals match, CL burned up the stage for the 2nd MTV Spotlight performance with the following setlist:

  1. The Baddest Female
  2. Ain’t No Better Feeling
  3. Dirty Vibe
  4. Lifted
  5. Come Back Home
  6. Gotta Be You
  7. Falling In Love
  8. Dr Pepper
  9. MTBD
  10. ₩1,000,000
  11. Can’t Nobody
  12. Hello Bitches
  13. I’m The Best

This performance marks the first time CL performs in Singapore as a solo artist and it showcased why she is indeed Asia’s baddest female. Everyone got onto their feet the moment CL appeared on stage and the crowd just went mad when she started to perform some of the older 2NE1 songs. So. Much. Feels. The roughly 45 minutes or so set felt too short as no one could get enough of CL.

Check out the highlights of Day 1 of Hyperplay here:

As I’m not a gamer myself, I was initially intending to attend Hyperplay for the MTV Spotlight performances but I must say that I definitely enjoyed watching the LoL battles way more than I expected to be honest.

Day 2 of Hyperplay starts in a bit and it features more MTV Spotlight performances by Thailand’s Slot Machine, Indonesian idol Afgan, Alessia Cara and closes off with Nick Jonas. See you all there!

In celebration of ASEAN Singapore 2018 and part of YOUTHx, Hyperplay is powered by Riot Games and MTV, presented by the MCCY and the NYC, and supported by gold sponsor Clear Men and official Telco partner Singtel. Patrons will be able to catch full set live performances by all acts for the MTV Spotlight stage hosted by MTV VJ Hanli Hoefer.


Streaming live across the two-day ticketed event on Hyperplay.sg, with key segments broadcast live across Southeast Asia, the first edition of Hyperplay will feature the first ever League of Legends ASEAN tournament with national teams from the 10 ASEAN countries.

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