Angel Algovital Xander Fan Meet in Singapore 2019 Post Mortem


Xander, former member of UKISS, was here in Singapore recently on 6 January 2019 to promote skin care brand, Angel Algovital. There was also a meet and greet event with Xander for fans held at Metro Centrepoint.

Being the massive fan of UKISS that I am, Xander is the last of the UKISS (current and ex) members that I have yet to meet in person. I have never been able to attend any of Xander’s other previous events held in Singapore due to scheduling conflicts. In fact, I had prior plans and at the same time as this Xander meet and greet event. By some miracle of fate, my plans got cancelled and thanks to the lovely people over at @xanderettes_net, I scored a pass to meet Xander!


During the meet and greet event, Xander shared some tips to achieving flawless skin – drink lots of water, eat right and cleansing is the most important! When I was in close proximity to Xander during the meet and greet part, I specifically looked at his skin and it was indeed flawless!

When it was my turn to go to Xander, I had no idea what I said. LOL I was rambling the entire time and I don’t even know if I had made any sense to Xander at all. LOL.

I wanted Xander to sign on my album but the manager said “no”. However, I heard some fans calling out that I had waited for so long to meet Xander and so the manager relented. Thank you all who helped me!!

My KissMe fangirl life is now complete. Thank you Xander! Thank You Xander Manager! I hope to be able to see you around again soon!


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