Super Junior “Super Show 8 Infinite Time” Seoul 2019 Post Mortem

Super Junior’s “Super Show 8: Infinite Time” in Seoul happened on 12 & 13 October 2019 at the KSPO Dome. This trip to watch Super Show 8 almost didn’t happen as it was so close to my trip to China (18 – 27 October 2019).

I had been speculating that Super Show 8 would happen some time in November or December 2019 so I was shocked when I saw the concert announcement of a October date. I thought that the Super Show 8 concert dates clashed with my China trip and I was freaking out for a while. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end somehow.

Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019
Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019

I must first thank the members of Super Junior for doing the concert in October when it’s not that cold. Secondly, I want to thank them for making the concert announcement much earlier than usual.

콘서트는 10월 때 했는데 고맙다. 그리고 공연 소식을 일찍하게 나눠 줘서 정말 고맙다!

I’m really glad that I decided to buy the SM Global Package and not use my ACE membership this time around because of the insane queue for the concert merchandise.

Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019
Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019

I heard from the other fans who queued that the merchandise queue was 6 hours long! I pre-ordered the merchandise as part of the SM Global Package and was really glad that I didn’t have to queue or lug all the merchandise during the concert.

My View

Lady Luck was definitely smiling on me during this trip.

Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019
Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019

On day 1, I was in Section A2, Row 6 seat 20 (purple box). When I arrived, I saw someone in my seat. As I started to tell them that they were in my seat, they told me what they were friends and wanted to sit together and if I could exchange seats with them. It turns out that their seat was in the same row but even nearer to the stage (red box) so I was like, “done!” without too much fuss.

Check out my view of the stage on Day 1:

Then on Day 2, my view was even better!!

Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019
Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Seoul 2019

I was right literally in the second seat from the stage! This is even better than being in second row in standing! With seats, there was no pushing nor jostling. I had an absolutely clear view of the stage albeit from the site for the entire concert. It was so amazing!

Being so close to the stage also meant that it was almost impossible to take any photos or videos as an 인증샷 so the above are all the photos that I managed. However, I must add that they let us take photos and videos freely during the encore.

I was also very fortunate that I was able to hold on to my phone throughout the entire duration of the concert (also because I didn’t try to keep taking photos/videos). Some fans around me were made to put their phones on the chair after a while. I think it was also because I was holding onto the iPhone 11 Pro without a casing. LOL. That phone wasn’t even available in Korea then so everyone would have known why I wouldn’t want to put it down; it’s too precious!

Being so close to the stage on both days and using the iPhone 11 Pro meant that a few of the Super Junior members definitely saw my phone and had some kind of reaction. LOL. I only realised that they had a reaction when I was reviewing my videos I took during the encore. I wonder how much more reaction was there that I didn’t notice.

The Concert

Anyway, here is the set list for Super Show 8 Seoul:

  1. The Crown
  2. Man In Love
  3. Bonamana
  4. Blue World
  5. Heads Up
  6. I Think I
  7. Sexy, Free and Single
  8. Mr Simple
  9. Opera
  10. Love Disease
  11. She’s Gone
  12. My All Is In You
  13. Believe
  14. Somebody New
  15. No Other
  16. Rokkugo
  17. Hairspray
  18. 너의 이름은 (Your Name)
  19. Devil
  20. Happiness
  21. Shirt
  22. Disco Drive
  23. SUPER Clap
  24. VCR: Stay With Me Motion Graphics MV
  25. Mamacita
  26. Black Suit
  27. Sorry, Sorry Answer
  28. Sorry, Sorry
  29. ENCORE: Show
  30. ENCORE: Too Many Beautiful Girls

I’m not going to give any spoilers but all I will say is, I laughed so hard during the concert that I had tears rolling down my face and my face ached for another 1 hour or so after the concert on the first day.

And on the second day, I didn’t laugh as hard coz the VCRs are funnier the first time around. However, on the second day, Super Junior celebrated Donghae’s birthday in advance and shit got real fast. The members were trying to make Eunhyuk lick cream off Donghae’s nose in a mock wedding ceremony. LOL. Most fans are EunHae shippers so imagine how chaotic and crazy it was inside the concert venue when the Super Junior members were pushing Eunhyuk and Donghae’s face together (and of coz both of them were struggling to get out of it).

A Super Junior concert is never without hilarious moments where the members do dumb and/or lame things just to entertain the fans; and that is why I love Super Junior so much. I feel like I need to find another date and location to do it all again.

다른 콘서트 장소를 공개해주세요!

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