[2007.01.14] John Legend, Soul Singer
[2007.01.14] Dominic Muse, RockBand
[2007.01.16] Chris Muse, RockBand
[2007.01.16] Mathew Muse, RockBand
[2007.01.17] Il Divo, Damn hot and sexy PopOpera Singers
[2007.02.18] Jay Sean, RnB Singer
[2007.03.04] Fall Out Boy, EmoBand
[2007.04.28] Jackie Chan, Action Superstar
[2007.06.18] JET, RockBand
[2007.06.23] David Garrett, Hot Violinist
[2007.08.08] Cyndi Lauper, Very Hip Singer
[2007.08.08] Shaggy, Mr Lurva, Lurva
[2007.08.08] Sasha Bach Band, Soft Rock Band
[2007.08.09] Pet Shop Boys, Very Gay Musicians
[2007.08.09] Avenged Sevenfold, Metal Band
[2007.08.09] MxPx, Metal Band
[2007.08.09] The Academy Is…, Rock Band
[2007.08.09] Cobra Starship, Rock Band
[2007.08.09] Gym Class Heroes, Hip Hop Band
[2007.08.09] Hinder, Rock Band
[2007.08.10] Sugar Ray, Alternative Rock Band
[2007.08.13] Gwen Stefani, Rock Chick
[2007.08.13] Gavin Rossdale, Rock Chicken
[2007.08.18] Akon, ex-Konvict
[2007.09.01] Greg Grunberg, Actor
[2007.09.01] Ali Larter, Actress
[2007.09.01] Masi Oka, Actor and a Genius
[2007.09.01] Sendhil Ramamurthy, Actor
[2007.09.08] Funeral For A Friend, Rock Band
[2007.10.19] Amerie, R&B Singer
[2007.10.21] The Click Five with Kyle Patrick, PowerPop Band
[2007.12.10] Ray My Chemical Romance, EmoBand
[2007.12.10] Mikey My Chemical Romance, Hot and Emo Bassist
[2007.12.10] Gerard My Chemical Romance, EmoBand
[2007.12.11] Frank My Chemical Romance, EmoBand

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