Chaidura Insect Kill All Album Art

Chaidura Is Back With 2nd Single “Insect Kill All”

Chaidura is back with his second single, “Insect Kill All”; just weeks after garnering a listenership across various countries with the release of his first single “Ante Metus”. “Insect Kill All” is a play on the pronunciation of “Insecure” (geddit?). This is Chaidura’s first attempt at blending emo-rap and hip-hop elements into goth/metal music. The result is a hypnotic synth bass beat intertwined with Chaidura’s baritone … Continue reading Chaidura Is Back With 2nd Single “Insect Kill All”


Introducing: Chaidura

Introducing: Chaidura, an up and coming independent artist from Singapore. According to Chaidura, “When I started this project, I wanted to be vulnerable and bare my inner soul out to the world. I wanted the name to be personal. Consequently, I found out that “Chai” (part of my given name) meant ‘living’ in Hebrew; a meaning that resonated with me.” “I heard the word ‘Dura’ … Continue reading Introducing: Chaidura