Introducing: Chaidura

Introducing: Chaidura, an up and coming independent artist from Singapore.


According to Chaidura, “When I started this project, I wanted to be vulnerable and bare my inner soul out to the world. I wanted the name to be personal. Consequently, I found out that “Chai” (part of my given name) meant ‘living’ in Hebrew; a meaning that resonated with me.”

“I heard the word ‘Dura’ when I was mediating and it just stuck with me. I later found out that ‘Dura’ refers to the tough protective membrane of the brain and spinal cord; a highly sensitive, fragile and integral part of the human bodily system. Therefore, ‘Dura’ in a way, exists because of the fragility of life.”

“Hence, the birth of Chaidura: the portmanteau of “chai” and “dura” and a reminder that while life is amazing, it is always fragile and susceptible.”

Drawing influence from visual kei, trance, pop-rock, hip-hop, spiritual and the supernatural, the music of Chaidura can be described as a blend of Goth Rock and Alternative Metal. With a freedom of expression dream, Chaidura hopes that his lyrics can create a positive impact by providing insightful revelations that can give people strength in these trying times.

Growing up in Singapore, a cultural potpourri in the Westernised Asian country, allowed him to be sensitive to humanity and dream about making the world a better place. A noble pursuit, often with self-doubt and dread as returns.

Ante Metus

Ante Metus Album Art
Ante Metus Album Art

Produced by Bani Hidir (B-Quartet, 53A) and mastered by Koichi Hara (the Gazete, SiM), “Ante Metus” (Latin for “Before Fear”) is an explosive, vulnerable and spiritually cathartic song about recognising and accepting fear. “For only when we accept and are at peace with our fears, we will become more self-aware and better human beings; an immensely invaluable trait in these unprecedented times.”

Chaidura debuts his first single, “Ante Metus” on 10 July 2020.

In the meantime, follow him on his social media accounts to be alerted when “Ante Metus” (single) is officially released:

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