Chaidura Is Back With 2nd Single “Insect Kill All”

Chaidura Insect Kill All Album Art

Chaidura is back with his second single, “Insect Kill All”; just weeks after garnering a listenership across various countries with the release of his first single “Ante Metus”. “Insect Kill All” is a play on the pronunciation of “Insecure” (geddit?).

This is Chaidura’s first attempt at blending emo-rap and hip-hop elements into goth/metal music. The result is a hypnotic synth bass beat intertwined with Chaidura’s baritone rapping. The drum beat also mimics the rhythm of the repetitive sounds made by an insect; like a cicada whistling or a moth flapping its wings.

The “Insect Kill All” chorus is a passionate outpouring of feelings of insecurities. The song explores the theme and inner thoughts of a person who is committing an act of evil and comes to a realisation that his actions are driven by his insecurities. The anxiety stemming from insecurity is analogous to how insects provokes fear and worries in people. The similar fear in both cases drives some people to behave badly and/or irrationally.

This philosophical layering of ideas add a level of complexity into the song while not losing its musical sensibilities. It’s worth a listen (or a few).

Check out “Insects Kills All” and decide for yourself:

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