BTS Meal

The McDonald’s BTS Meal

It has been quite a hiatus I’m taking, but then again, there really isn’t much going on either. The world is still pretty much on a stop/start/standstill-like state. The most exciting thing in my life right now is harvesting vegetables from my containers. Intially, when the fuss about the McDonald’s and BTS collab made the news, I was like, “meh”. I am not a fan … Continue reading The McDonald’s BTS Meal

McDonald's Seoul Spicy Burger

Taste Test: McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger

I don’t usually do this but since I’m such a sucker for most things that are Korean nowadays, I just had to. Haha. Also, I would usually try all the special/country specific/limited edition burgers from McDonald’s because why not? 😅 McDonald’s came out with a new limited edition “Seoul Spicy” burger with a beef and chicken variation last Thursday, 9 March 2017. @maplemelts suggested that … Continue reading Taste Test: McDonald’s Seoul Spicy Burger