The McDonald’s BTS Meal

It has been quite a hiatus I’m taking, but then again, there really isn’t much going on either. The world is still pretty much on a stop/start/standstill-like state. The most exciting thing in my life right now is harvesting vegetables from my containers.

Intially, when the fuss about the McDonald’s and BTS collab made the news, I was like, “meh”. I am not a fan of Bangtan/BTS in case you didn’t know. I like one or two of their songs but that’s about it. It amuses me a lot when people assume that I’m a crazy fan of BTS just because I’m into kpop.

In fact, I wasn’t even planning to get the BTS Meal when it lands in Singapore but someone told me that the cajun sauce is nice so I gave in and ordered a set to give it a taste test.

Taste Test

BTS Meal

This isn’t even going to be a full on food review type post coz there is nothing to review. LOL. Like who doesn’t know how does McDonald’s McNuggets and Fries taste like? It’s really a regular 9-piece McNugget Upsized Extra Value meal with a BTS branding slapped on it for an extra S$0.40 a meal. (The BTS Meal costs S$8.90 while a regular version costs S$8.50, excluding delivery fees.)

BTS Meal

The sauce isn’t something exceptional to the Singaporean palate I guess; despite it being inspired from the recipes in McDonald’s in South Korea. In case you were wondering, the sweet chilli sauce is no different from the Thai sweet chilli and the Cajun Sauce is really like the Japanese mustard in MOS Burger or the Subway honey mustard but with a tad more wasabi.

The Packaging

As usual, in Singapore, we always get the “discounted” version of the full works. We only get the purple packaging for the food. We don’t even get the BTS paper bag which is available in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Heck, in the USA, there’s merch and photo cards that come with the BTS Meal! And that’s what I’m talking about! And in the pre-covid world, I’m very sure most people would head overseas to get their hands on some if not all of those items.

That said, I’m curious if anyone actually is buying the BTS Meal packaging on Carousell? As always, I hope no one is ridiculous enough to just buy the packaging at exorbitant prices. It is definitely possible to just order the meal yourself from the McDonald’s app and the various other food delivery platforms. I’d recommend Foodpanda coz they have the cheapest delivery fees. [Not an ad!]

Final Thoughts

Is the BTS Meal worth the hype? Not in Singapore. If we at least got a random photo card or something, it would be way more worth the hype but the meal would then probably cost like $15 or something. And I’m sure ARMYs will still buy it.

Would I order it again? No, the portion is too big for me. I’d stick to the 6 piece McNugget meal. Thanks.

Covid-19 needs to go, then we can resume full on fangirl life.

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