The Green Hornet Gala Premiere @ The Cathay

So I popped down to The Cathay to try my luck at getting an autograph at the Green Hornet Gala Premiere. To be honest, the premiere was crap. It’s nowhere near the awesomeness of the London premieres I’ve been too.

If the Burlesque premiere was a 10, the Tron: Legacy premiere was a 7. The Green Hornet Singapore Gala Premiere was a -2.

Venue of the Green Hornet Singapore Gala Premiere

Firstly, the green carpet wasn’t a straight one. Which is fine because there’s a logistical constraint. Then you have them shining the lights like the picture above which means you can see shit of what’s happening on stage!

Then they started the event with a martial arts/sequence of a “kato” fighting some bad guys. It’s pretty alright, ain’t all that bad really.


Now starts the cringe-worthy part. The “arrival” of the local celebrities. It was hilarious really. They had all the celebrities arrive in a bus and they parked the bus just past the green carpet entrance and had the local celebrities get off in pairs/groups and walk down the green carpet. It’s so unglam!!! Hahahahahahaha.

First on the green carpet was Randall Tan and Melody Chen:

Randall Tan and Melody Chen

I could possibly be the only person on the fan side of the green carpet who recognized them. It was major awkward when they walked down the green carpet with everyone silent. Haha. I wouldn’t have minded calling Randall over but this huge bunch of camera guys and photographers were standing in front of where I was; hence blocking me.

Then Mark Lee and a bunch of people from his newly formed company “arrived”. I think it’s ridiculous that they didn’t bother to sign for some of the fans who asked. It’s like you might be a big name in Singapore but beyond the Singapore border, how many people have actually heard of you?

Some more people arrived but I have no idea who they hell they were. They were mostly introduced as “Fly Entertainment artists”. I also couldn’t get any pictures for any of you to help id them so whatever. Allan Wu and Wong Li Lin arrived with some guy. I have no idea who the hell he is. Jimmy Taenaka. [Edit: Thank to Lena Lim for this!]

(L-R) Jimmy Taenaka, Wong Li Lin, Allan Wu

It was major cringe when these people were handed a mic to say something. They all had absolutely no idea what to say! Only Mark Lee had something witty to say. There rest of them were like, “heeeeeey! I’m excited for the Green Hornet.” Excited my ass.

Fortunately for them, the directory Michel Gondry arrived shortly after and saved them all from further airtime with the microphones.

Michel Gondry

Within 5 minutes, Seth Rogen arrived too.

Seth Rogen (thanks to

Finally, the biggest star of the night Jay Chou arrived.

Jay Chou

All 3 of them were practically dragged and hurried down the already very short green carpet. Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen were happy to sign autographs but they didn’t sign much because they were constantly being hassled around.

Jay Chou on the other hand didn’t bother to sign for anyone except the 2 fans where had the Green Hornet poster. And he signed while he was doing the interviews with the Y.E.S 933 DJ.

(L-R) Michel Gondry, Seth Rogen, Jay Chou striking a pose (thanks to

The premiere got a -2 rating because of the super awkward green carpet moments with the local celebrities and how the organizers were hurrying the cast about.

Anyway, here is the autograph from Michel Gondry:

Michel Gondry autograph

And here is the autograph from Seth Rogen:

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  1. i couldnt go to the thing cos i was busy lor. no ticket also can go a corner see ma. hahaha. lsat time the contest to win the gala ticket i didnt win! walaoo confirm fake one lor. my gf say i like comics so much, very lame -_-

    besides the F&N contest on facebook, , got any more anot ah? I want leh 🙁


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