Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Showcase in Singapore

Lady Gaga performed a 1 hour showcase at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall as part of her promotional activities in Singapore.

Initially, I was very gutted that I wasn’t able to go to the showcase as I wasn’t able to get tickets. So we decided to go hang around at the showcase venue in the hopes of someone having a spare ticket and would give it to us.

True enough, after hanging around the place for close to an hour, Lady Luck was smiling on us, we got a ticket to go watch the showcase! Was ecstatic as hell!!!


We quickly got into the venue and within 15 minutes or so, Lady Gaga came on stage at 8.30 pm performing BORN THIS WAY. The crowd went wild!

She went on to perform JUST DANCE, TELEPHONE, ALEJANDRO, HAIR, YOU & I, BAD ROMANCE, EDGE OF GLORY and JUDAS. 9 songs and 4 costumes in 1 hour. Who does a showcase like that? It’s practically a mini-concert… like a preview for Born This Way Ball if you will.

Anyway, JUDAS is so much fun when sung live! I was singing and screaming so loudly to every song that the guy standing in front of me kept covering his ears. Hahaha. I can’t help it that I know the words to every single song! I’m a little monster! RAWR!!

I had such a blast! Can’t wait for the full concert next year as promised by Lady Gaga during the press conference.

Here are the photos I took during the show. I forgot which photo was what song though…

Just Dance... gonna be ok. da da do do...
no idea which song this is.

Bad Romance
You & I
You & I
You & I
Edge Of Glory
Edge Of Glory
Edge Of Glory
Judas - end
Bows 🙂

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  1. is she in singapore on may 29 2013 and please send me lady gaga tickets for two peoples me and my nanny lucy

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