Paramore arrival in Singapore

Paramore has just arrived in Singapore!!! There were like almost 100 screaming fans as Paramore walked out from the baggage claim area.

Because of the crowd the band ran out from the baggage claim to their waiting transport. No one got any autographs. Most just got a blurry photo or two.

I’ll post photos that I managed when I get to a computer.

[Update | 20 August 2011] Here are the photos from earlier today at the arrival:

[Update | 22 August 2011] We went to the hotel to give it another shot at the autographs and photos as it was too crowded at the airport. We arrived at the hotel just as they band walked out the lobby. We only caught up with Hayley who was the last person to board the van but when asked, she shook her head to indicate that she didn’t want to sign.

We were quite surprised really. We’ve been hearing about how Hayley is very friendly and would sign and take photo with fans. It was quite odd given that we did find a photo of Hayley with an Indonesian fan when they arrived in Jakarta.

Oh well, it’s no big deal. Not a fan of Paramore anyway. Just went to give it a shot since they were in town.

Anyone got a photo or autograph from the band this trip when they were in Singapore?

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