Ryan Kwanten appearance at Singapore International Film Festival 2011

Ryan Kwanten. *EXPLODES*

True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse, will be making an appearance at the Singapore International Film Festival 2011. He stars in one of the movies called “Griff The Invisible”.

I would expect that there would be a red carpet or something which he will appear at? I haven’t found any specifics yet but I know I’m dying from the thought of being able to see a True Blood hunk in the flesh.

I’ll update this entry if I find any details or if you have any details to share, please leave a comment or you can drop me an email (via contact me) and I’ll post it here. Full credit of source will be given (unless you say otherwise).

The Singapore International Film Festival happens on 15 – 25 September 2011. Go to www.siff.sg for more details.

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