Dita von Teese at the Singapore Jewelfest 2011

So I was at the Singapore Jewelfest 2011 ESTACY party earlier today hosted by Bobby Tonelli.

Bobby Tonelli

I didn’t managed to get any good shots of the jewellery pieces that I like during the presentation though. 🙁 They all turned out blur. Dammit.

I did however, managed to get a couple of very nice shots of the super lovely Dita von Teese.

Dita von Teese

When I saw her at the Burlesque premiere in London last year, I thought, “Wow! Dita looks awesome.” When the media photocall started, I happened to be standing in a position where I was in the front row and I have to say that she looks absolutely stunning up close.

Here’s a shot of her complete ensemble:

Dita von Teese

I so love this shade of purple that she’s wearing.

As I was quite hungry after the 2 jewellery presentations, I left and it turns out, I was in the right place at the right time! Dita von Teese was just 5 steps behind me! I managed to get an autograph from her!

Dita von Teese's autograph


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