Blue Meet & Greet Session at ION Sky

Blue had a meet & greet session with the fans at ION Sky today. The fans got to ask the guys some questions and there was an autograph session after the quick Q&A and a photo taking session with the guys.

As we’ve already taken so many pictures with the guys (this trip and their previous ones), we decided to just join the queue for autographs (we have so many of their albums and singles for them to sign!) and skip the photo taking session.

That said, here are the photos that I took from the meet & greet session today.

Blue @ Meet & Greet Session
Duncan Blue
Anthony Blue
Simon Blue
Lee Blue

I actually have clips of all the boys saying “hello/hi” but I want to edit them into one nice and flowing video before I share it… but I still can’t work out how to use iMovie effectively. Advice anyone?

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