Blue performance at ION’s 2nd anniversary

The stage at ION Orchard for the 2nd anniversary celebrations was quite bad. It was too low and honestly, we couldn’t see much of what’s happening on stage. 🙁

Stage for the performance

From where I was standing (photo above), I couldn’t even get a clear view of the screen. The worst part of the whole setup was the 4 camera guys standing right in front of the stage.

Can't see shit!

Everyone was sort of pushing and jostling to find a window of space to get a glimpse of the stage. It was quite bad. Also, while they said that the event was starting at 7 pm, it was 7.45 pm before the host came on stage to kick off the fashion show that no one really cared about to be honest; everybody was there to see Blue!

I can’t remember what songs Blue did. Haha. I only remembered “All Rise”, “Fly By”, “U Make Me Wanna” and “One Love”. Despite the heads-up from asking the boys about the setlist, I still forgot the songs. All I remembered was how I still remembered almost all the words (and dance routine) to the song and was singing along (there was no space or I’d probably have done whatever of the routine I remembered. Hahaha.)

Anyway, I didn’t manage to record any bootleg of their performance because my view was simply horrendous. Here are the best of the photos from the show:


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